Friday SMG 022 Wigan looked fades away to Preston Nye-melia kreiling

Friday: SMG 022 Wigan look bad at difficult Nai Preston Friday 022 Championship Preston VS Wigan Athletic 2016-09-24 02:45 game time: September 24th 02:45 game weather: light rain 11 C Beijing time 2:45 on September 24th, the ninth round of the championship, Preston will play against Wigan Athletic in the home court. Preston in the last round of the League away from 0 to 6 defeat to Brent Forde, the last round of the league has only achieved a record of 1 wins and 3 losses in the past four. But they are a League Cup third round match, away in overtime 3 to 2 victory over the Bournemouth Premier League team, advance to the next round. Wigan Athletic state in the near future is extremely low, the last round of the league in 0 compared to 0 in the home court is at Fulham, nearly six league win 2 flat 4 negative, but since the last round of Blackburn over Cardiff City, Wigan Athletic rank but increased from twenty-third to twenty-second. A total of 8 teams played against Preston in history, 3 draws and 5 losses have not beaten opponents, a recent meeting between the two teams was in July 2011 in pre-season, 3 – 1 victory at wigan. This season, Preston in the home court’s performance is not stable, record of 3 wins and 3 losses, but in addition to the League third 0 1 lost to Derbyshire, Preston scored the goal in the other games in the home court. In contrast, Wigan Athletic this season on the road they performed badly, all 5 games lost, and opponents scored 12 goals. In this game, the disc for the common open deuce hemisphere high water disc, general situation, the historical record that gave Wigan disc a bit of confidence, but the team is not very reassuring, the game should be cautious to choose. Close before the game, the disc changes handicap most open deuce plate, the water level decreased greatly. The two teams in 10 games to win the set rate is not high, which won only 10% Wigan disc rate, so the disc is excusable Kandi wigan. The SMG play out of the Shengping Fu SMG index 2.29-3.10-2.70, index from the collocation point of view, with the two recent state. Although Preston has never beaten Wigan, but Wigan this season away from home will give Preston the opportunity to rewrite the embarrassing record. The SMG Shengping Fu played optional wins, flat selection.相关的主题文章: