From mid October to Guangxi, Dongxing, Vietnam, the streets can be cross-border self driving tour punyu

In mid October Guangxi Dongxing to Vietnam Mangjie can cross-border self driving tour of contemporary life daily news (reporter intern Zhang Rui Jian closed early with correspondent Wu Junxin Huang Haixia) from Dongxing to Vietnam Mangjie tourism, will drive cross-border travel. Reporters from the city of Dongxing, China held in Dongxing – Vietnam street cross border self driving travel work talks learned that the two sides signed the meeting minutes agreed to open in October in Dongxing, China – Vietnam Mong Street cross-border self driving tour project. Self driving tour for the Sino Vietnamese border self driving vehicle license and nationality identification marks to exit, self driving travel team travel outbound tourism should undertake professional team led the implementation of the entire group of entry and exit. According to reports, Dongxing, China – Vietnam Mong Street cross-border self driving tour project is expected to open in mid October, then, what documents need to travel by car drivers, and how to apply for cross-border self driving tour it? According to the Dongxing Municipal People’s Government on May issued the "Dongxing border (Chinese – Vietnam) regulations driving management procedures", the China Dongxing moncay cross-border self driving travel business travel agency must be registered in the city of Dongxing has a business enterprise, China outbound tourism business qualification or the border tourism business management have a good command of language aptitude; Vietnam tour guides. The self driving tour must hold a valid passport. The travel agency shall be in accordance with the provisions of the tourist routes, ports of entry, outside the residence time and scope, organization of cross-border self driving tourism activities; the organization went to Vietnam self driving travel agents should advance for "Sino Vietnamese border self driving vehicle license" and the nationality identification marks in Dongxing Port International road transport management office, and in department in advance for immigration documents, staff visa or visa formalities. This approach also provides the travel agency before leaving, to be ahead of the self driving tourism contract, team travel, personnel list, gender, date of birth, passport number, driver’s identity card, driving license, vehicle driving license, vehicle license plate number and other information, documents, and other items of information submitted to the Dongxing public security and inspection, customs, inspection and quarantine, the port of international road transport management department and other departments for the record and handle the relevant formalities. Self driving travel team travel travel agency professional team led by the contractor, the whole group of entry and exit, each vehicle control team at less than 10 units of self driving; self driving travel team from the Dongxing port of entry and exit the whole group, the vehicle should be in accordance with the order, car identification in unit parked in the inspection area inspection departments within the specified. Wait for the port inspection department inspection. With a history of more than a hundred years of history of the Vietnamese market, the valley of the church to learn more to Dongxing to play what? Dongxing is the border of Guangxi City, is one of the tourist attractions, the beauty of the golden beach is a lot of tourists. On the southwest of Dongxing and Vietnam, and Vietnam Mangjie only separated by a river in Beilun, exit from Dongxing, less than one hundred meters long across the Beilun River Bridge in Vietnam Mangjie, so many tourists to Dongxing will choose to go to Vietnam mangjie. What can you see? Mans street is a small town near the north of Vietnam, which attracts a large number of tourists.相关的主题文章: