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Fujian ancient bridges destroyed by typhoon bridge protection cited concern Fujian Nanping Guangze Cheng’an bridge Ming Wanli thirty-two years (1604) built, now has 400 years of history, is the oldest local bridges.   ancient bridges are known as the "living fossil", and the bridge north of Fujian city of Nanping is relatively concentrated China existing ancient bridges of area. Affected by the typhoon "Meranti" Fujian and Zhejiang, many ancient bridges were destroyed by floods, renewed attention on the protection of ancient bridges. In September 15th, typhoon "Meranti" in Zhejiang County in Taishun province Taishun County River flood, 6 ancient bridges damaged, which was named the national security unit Xue Zhaiqiao, Wen Xing, the heavy bridge 3 ancient corridor bridge was completely destroyed; on the same day, Fujian Yongchun County 871 year old bridges — east the bridge was washed away. In July 9th this year, typhoon NEPARTAK "destroyed much of Fujian Village building, Ma Keng Xiang Keng Cun, Zhouning County on the unfortunate victims washed out bridges…… Re-c, alias, convey boasting, is a special bridge built gallery houses on the deck and the formation of the wooden arch, beam, arch of Mu Ping. The wooden arch bridges is not only a type of traditional wooden bridge Chinese technical content in the highest, and it is a unique category in the history of the world bridge. In Nanping, Ningde, Lishui, Wenzhou, two cities in Fujian and Zhejiang provinces were found, a total of. North Nanping is relatively concentrated Chinese existing ancient bridges in China, according to incomplete statistics, now in Nanping still preserved there are 167 different styles of ancient bridges. According to the record version "luster county" and the related historical data, Nanping Guangze county history about 200 bridges across urban and rural areas. There are more than and 20 bridges, "the town pier on the housing cover". Guangze county has retained the 10 bridges, including Cheng’an bridges for Ming Wanli thirty-two years (1604) built, now has 400 years of history, is the most ancient bridges luster. Nanping Zhenghe County there are 63 ancient bridges, the ancient bridges extant most counties, especially to bridge the "living fossil" wooden arch bridges, in 16, Zhenghe County accounted for 7, most good protection. In May 11, 2016, the Fuzhou municipal government announced the "Fuzhou city bridge protection management measures". It is reported that this is the first in Fujian Province, is also the rare bridge protection and management measures. Experts said that many of the existing bridges have been Chinese ancient old, some became a bridge. Bridge is an important bridge for cultural relics China, protection work is of great significance.相关的主题文章: