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"Future textile" era? China’s textile industry into the new five years – Hangzhou, October (reporter Wei) was a "traditional" synonymous with the Chinese textile industry is entering a new year of the year of five years ago (Xinhua). With the combination of environmental protection, energy saving, intelligence and other new technologies of home textile products and services to enter the market, China’s future textile era may have come. Chinese Textile Industry Association vice president, chairman of Chinese Household Textile Industry Association Yang Zhaohua held in Hangzhou on the 10 day of the first China (International) said textile sun shading technology forum, after a year of hard work, China textile industry "13th Five-Year" development plan has been finalized. The next five years, China textile textile industry as one of the three terminal industry, will become the "China traditional livelihood industry, the integration of technology and art of creative industries, to create a better life in the fashion industry, play an important role in stimulating domestic demand, promoting employment and the construction of ecological civilization. He said, "13th Five-Year" period, the textile industry is the main revenue growth target of 5.5% annual growth, annual export growth of 3.2%, an average annual increase of 1.68% fiber consumption; technological innovation objectives are: labor efficiency 10%, extensive use of Internet technology, the degree of automation is improved. Taiwan Textile Federation exhibition vice chairman Weng Maozhong said, Taiwan’s textile industry after decades of development and growth, has become one of the most complete production system of Taiwan industrial structure, energy saving and environmental protection textiles especially by foreign buyers attention. Taiwan textile industry is still the fourth largest foreign exchange earning industry in, Taiwan textile industry export value of $10 billion 803 million in 2015, which accounted for 68% of the total energy consumption of textile exports, highly competitive market. He said that the current Taiwan home textiles development direction is: the use of cutting-edge technology, to increase the added value of products, traditional and high-tech in the textile industry to achieve closely, especially the environmental protection and energy saving products as the main direction of development. Chinese largest functional home textile manufacturer, Zhejiang Sun Hua Chenxin material Limited by Share Ltd chairman Sun Yuehua said at the forum, at present, a new era of home textiles has entered the textile and energy saving technology closely. In twenty-first Century, the use of functional home textiles is becoming more and more common. In developed countries, "the future of textile" has been elevated to the national strategic level, was once synonymous with "traditional" textile industry gradually, and the new concept of new materials, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. the combination of intelligent furniture. With a functional household textiles, ventilation, environmental protection and energy saving, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, anti ultraviolet radiation, anti-bacterial deodorant, antistatic and waterproof properties are Chinese market rise. It is believed that functional home textiles will bring great changes to the city, industry and human life. Sun Yuehua said, functional home textiles in home textiles Chinese although there is a very small "cake", but with the Chinese people in-depth understanding of functional textiles, can put a piece of "cake" bigger, stronger, doing fine,)相关的主题文章: