Gang posing as ombudsman swindlers old man has cheated nearly 600 thousand yuan a year hyuna

Gang posing as ombudsman swindlers old man has cheated nearly 600 thousand yuan a year as "ombudsman" lie at the age of 79 year old man cheated nearly 600 thousand yuan of five criminals sentenced Fang Qing Guangzhou daily news (reporter Fang Qing correspondent Pan Lingna, Ye Fanghui) reporter yesterday from the Guangdong Provincial Higher People’s court learned, recently, Guangdong city of Foshan Province Nanhai District People’s court verdicts of large telecommunications fraud, involving the five defendants guilty of fraud and sentenced to four years to eleven years imprisonment and fined. The court found, April 2014, Liu Mou (dealt with) has leased Whampoa  District, Guangzhou City Nanhai District of Foshan City, the building as a fraud dens. Liu has employed 13 people including Ke mouliang five defendants, (the remaining eight handled separately), division of labor, in the form of telephone interviews with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other units as Chinese Ombudsman, help victims for fabricated medical subsidies, notary fees for reasons of telephone fraud activities. The five defendants in Ke mouliang responsible for the management of the gang, Guo Moupeng, Ke Mouting, Qin Moubing, Zhong Mourong phone posing as investigators, posing as experts and professors of identity. The gang a total number of fraud victims throughout the country, the amount of fraud totaling 2 million 947 thousand and 619 yuan. Guangzhou Panyu District a 79 year old granny Feng aunt cheated many times in a year long time, cheated amount of up to 57 yuan. It is reported that most of the victims in this case is 70 years of age or older, elderly people are eager to seek treatment in the group using psychology, specifically for the television shopping platform was used by consumers in the elderly implement organized serial tricks, causing serious mental harm to the victim, affect the normal order of life. Have a bad influence in society. In the trial, the defendant argued that Mouting Ke, unclear fraud, just listen to the boss called to ask each other’s physical condition and basic information, to get through the phone told the supervisor, he did not sell products to each other. The court held that, although the five defendants are not actually involved in the case involved in every specific fraud cases, but evidence of the case, the gang is in Liu under the unified leadership, unified study issued by the operation if the information, telephone dialing, random massive victims of fraud scam, consistent, and closely matched by Liu unified payment of salary and commission. Therefore, the five defendants to accept the unified guidance in the implementation of fraud, modus operandi closely consistent, and common behavior, illegal income distribution, has formed a stable group of fraud, so each person should bear the responsibility of the entire group amount of fraud. In order to listen to the arrangements, not to sell the product, the defense opinion is insufficient, the court did not accept, but for the five defendants are not directly involved in the circumstances of all fraud in sentencing to be considered. Finally, considering the nature of the five defendants, the plot and the degree of social harm, the court made the decision. Experts advise that most of the victims in the case is a television, newspaper shopping experience of the elderly, some of the sources of drug purchases and 5相关的主题文章: