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Gansu Province, the precise poverty special loan project made multi effect — Gansu channel — original title: Gansu province precise poverty special loan project made comprehensive multiple effect "irrigation" to "drip" blood transfusion "and" blood "– Gansu Province special loan project to obtain the precise poverty multi effect" is well-off, the key to the villagers." The rural poor population is fully completed short board well-off society, to be filled. Gansu province 58 area poverty counties and 17 flower County, 1 million 10 thousand households, 4 million 170 thousand poor people, accounting for the province’s total population of 16%. How to help about 4000000 poor people out of poverty is the most arduous task of building a comprehensive well-off society in Gansu. "The most important thing is to do it". In 2015 the Provincial Department of Finance and banking financial institutions, launched the precise poverty special loan project, one of the highlights is the precise poverty, is a pioneering work of financial poverty alleviation. Since July of last year to start the implementation, all according to the actual situation, to continue to explore in practice, local, village facilities strategy, user facilities, financial poverty alleviation from flood irrigation for precision irrigation, financial aid from the "blood transfusion" to "blood", to resolve the problem of the poverty of the masses loans and your loan, try to find a new way out of the "leveraging financial capital, financial security, promoting industrial development, driven by government responsibility link", made political interaction, promote win-win double silver bank, with rich households Shuanghui integrated multiple benefits. With precise poverty alleviation loans, get rid of poverty, I can do!" Bridges, labyrinth Gallery, shade plants, red and white walls of the houses around the flowers bloom…… Walking in the Linxia County Gou tunnel dasatinib village, everywhere can feel the vitality of this remote village exudes. Sitting in their own spacious and bright house, 50 year old horse flying with emotion: "I really do not want to be able to live a good day!" A horse fly is a member, dasatinib village seven before 2015, seven agency 25 people lived in the mountains, the hard road, drinking water is difficult, difficult, difficult, housing difficult to go to school is a true portrayal of life. The horse fly some memories of his life will do one thing — to build a house, the house collapsed on the mountain cover, cover the collapse, collapse and cover…… Finally, the money is spent, life is still in the initial poverty. In early 2015, Linxia County integration of funds, the implementation of the relocation project, a fundamental solution to the difficulties in the lives of the people in the mountains. Have a stable life, poor farmers want to develop industry, but have no money. This year, the horse flew through the application, get the precise poverty alleviation special loan 50 thousand yuan, becoming the first to get the loan in the village of poor households. Soon, the flying horse had received training Hand-Pulled Noodle son opened a beef noodle shop in Xining, the year 3 profit million yuan. The life turn let the horse fly have seen poverty of hope, now, in helping the village cadres, he transfer 40 acres of land planted angelica, a conservative estimate, this year Angelica harvest, family income will be greatly improved his. Weiyuan county will be the town of the town of Ma Yangang mill village farmers are a poor family of the village, 23 year old, there are on the Ma Yangang相关的主题文章: