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Garlic comeback Zhejiang people eat garlic Fujin is dubbed Hyun news (reporter Zheng Jiandi) the temperature drops, more people eat garlic up. "Now garlic prices almost equal to the price of meat, can not afford to eat!" The reporter visited the Zhejiang Ningbo Yongcheng markets understand that due to the "garlic comeback, Yongcheng fresh garlic and garlic prices hit both exceeded 10 yuan mark, the individual market sold 13 yuan catty price. Garlic garlic 13 yuan a pound, 13 yuan a pound, it is too expensive!" Recently, many people found Yongcheng major markets garlic commodity prices rose shouted. This time the temperature change is easy to suffer from a cold, want to buy some garlic prevention, but the farmers market is particularly expensive fresh garlic, which is the most expensive day traders shouted 15 yuan a pound high!" Yesterday morning, Zhang uncle to buy food in the food market, Zhang Binqiao said, in 2010 the garlic is visible before the eyes garlic, this year again staged. "Today eat garlic, jingui!" Some people sun dishes. Eat garlic is rich? Yesterday, the reporter visited the Yongcheng dawn market, Zhang Binqiao market, found that garlic prices exceeded 10 yuan catty price. The vegetable wholesale market of garlic wholesale price reached 8 yuan catty. Wholesale price of 8 yuan Jin, coupled with the loss, coupled with a variety of cost, selling $10 pounds is also a loss of sale." Zhang Binqiao food market, said a business households. San said garlic prices, the price of fresh garlic, garlic prices almost equal to the price of pork. "The price of pork was 16 yuan to 17 yuan a pound of meat, vegetables cheaper than!" Although this year the price of pork has been running high, but yesterday Zhang Binqiao markets a pork business households are so out of business. "The wholesale price of garlic was not low, but also about 6 yuan a catty, now rose to 8 yuan a pound, the key is the purchase price. This year, affected by the weather reduced production, coupled with the artificial stockpile speculation factors caused by this year’s garlic price rise." Ningbo a long garlic wholesale business, master of. Reporters learned that the Ningbo market garlic from Shandong and other places, there are also some of the local retail market supply of vegetables garlic bolt etc..相关的主题文章: