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German industrial giant BOSCH "accessory" mass "emissions"? Sohu – car according to the "Detroit news" reported on September 16th, the United States prosecutors are investigating the world’s largest auto parts supplier BOSCH in Germany (Robert Bosch GmbH) is involved in the mass emission test cheating case. BOSCH spokesman said the company is accepting and cooperating with the United States and Germany, the investigation declined to comment. Joint deception in September 18, 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that the public may be due to emissions test cheating. In September 21st of the same year, the public recognized the use of illegal software. And the public in the "cheating" in the event of the protagonist – illegal software, it is provided by BOSCH. The next 22 days, BOSCH said the company for Volkswagen production of some diesel models provide a common rail injection system. And in an e-mail statement: "we have produced these aftertreatment components according to the specifications of the public, but the application and integration of these components is the responsibility of the public." November 2015, Reuters has reported that the United States federal prosecutor’s office is investigating whether the long-term use of mass emissions of BOSCH software cheating informed. BOSCH chairman Volkmar · Adenauer (Volkmar Denner) said in January 2016 that he had ordered an internal investigation, and actively cooperate with regulatory authorities. He also said in April that the company has set aside 650 million euros in response to potential legal costs. In August 16th, Volkswagen said it had evidence that BOSCH was not only involved in the research of exhaust gas equipment, but also involved in the development of the program to prevent the United States car management to understand the real purpose of the device. The Reuters reported by the owners of the public scandal lawyers cited emissions of the Volkswagen Group to provide the plaintiff lawyers some private material quality control, early in the last century at the end of 90s, BOSCH will be involved in the development of the exhaust mass fraud technology. BOSCH has been a mass group of emissions cheating means and the parties involved, the two sides colluded to circumvent u.s.. On August 24th, foreign media reported that the United States Volkswagen owners accused suppliers of BOSCH’s 38 employees involved in the development of mass production of explosive software technology. BOSCH continues to deny the allegations. The American public owners have evidence that the public is equipped with exhaust fraud software for automobile can identify whether the car is in test mode, and then in the car when the secret started, so that the vehicle can pass to "high environmental standards" in the car when. In addition, BOSCH in the United States launched a clean diesel technology, and convinced the automotive management agreed to use this technology vehicles listed. In fact, as early as June of this year, the United States Attorney General Sally · (Yates), said that the investigation of the mass emissions scandal is turning to more companies and individuals. It is reported that, in addition to Bosch, another carmaker is also within the scope of the investigation. Prosecutors in Detroit said in a legal document that a publicly acknowledged Volkswagen engineer said he had obtained from A.相关的主题文章: