German – Rule Vido Te 0-0 Schalke nearly 4 rounds without a victory (video)-kimi wo omou melodi

German – Rule Vido Te 0-0 Schalke nearly 4 rounds without a victory [collection] Dortmund 0-0 Schalke 04 yellow card war goalless draw with Schalke Dortmund Tencent sports news October 30th Beijing time October 30th morning, 2016-17 league season ninth ushered in the Ruhr Derby war, Dortmund sits at the Yiduna Park 0 signal 0 boring Bing Schalk, the recent 4 round league most. Dortmund the 4141 discharge formation, Aubameyang as a single arrow, Puglisi Chi and Kagawa Ma Dembele wings to fly, and our gotze duo, waigel single waist. The back of the line, Papa Stathopoulos and Ginter partner defender, Pacella J and Piszczek left and right, goalkeeper or Boolean matrix. Fourteenth minutes, Graetz pass, Disanto forcibly broke into the restricted area of the door, the ball was back to closure. Twenty-first minutes long, Gus Schopf broke into the restricted area, the right shot by Papa Stathopoulos block. After a minute, Graetz long-range card confiscated by Burki. Forty-eighth minutes, Heweidesi Dembele pass in the left hand to play in the play, the referee said no. A minute later, Gus houchangchangzhuan, Cora Cyna F broke into the restricted area of the center by Burki saved the bottom line. Fifty-third minutes, Piszczek right pass, Puglisi Chi nodded the ball before Yiceng, after the shooting pad Dembele crossbar. Fifty-fifth minutes, Kagawa Shinji ball, Pacella J long-range hit fly. After three minutes, Pacella J cross from the left, Plymouth Vujacic sideways volley hook shot hit high. Sixtieth minutes, Aubameyang free kick was under the wall. Seventy-third minutes, gertze was a great opportunity, he faced in the small shot left the restricted area was stabbed goalkeeper Farman brave closed out. Seventy-fourth minutes, dengbeilai sent straight biography, Aubameyang left the restricted area pass, Plymouth Vujacic area mianduikongmen tuishe, the ball is Cora Cyna F brave block. Eighty-first minutes Goetze pick Road pass, Aubameyang restricted the sideways volley slightly deflected. Eighty-fourth minutes, choupo moting pass, benta Loeb shot Dapian left into the box. Finally, Dortmund 0 0 draw with schalke. Data analysis data of the game, Dortmund 9 school gate 1 shots, Schalke 8 attempts two shots, the two teams had no contribution. Dortmund possession rate of 66%, only 34% schalke. Lineup: Dortmund (4-1-4-1): goalkeepers: No. 38: No. 26, Burki defender Piszczek Papa Stathopoulos No. 25, No. 28, No. 30 Gentle Pacella J (71 minutes, 13, Guerrero) midfielder: No. 33: No. 22 Puglisi Chi waigel midfielder Shinji Kagawa, No. 23 (79 minutes, 21, schurrle) No. 10, No. 7 Dembele gotze (87 minutes, 18 Rhodes striker Aubameyang Schalk): No. 17 (4-2-3-1): No. 1: goalkeeper Farman defender: No. 4 Hoewedes, No. 29, No. 31, reginaldo Nastasic 6 Cora Cyna F midfielder: No. 5 and No. 10 Gass benta Loeb (90 minutes, 17 Stambouli No. 21): midfielder Schopf, No. 8, No. 7 Maier Graetz card (75)相关的主题文章: