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Gerrard Butler to return to the "collapse" series of the first half of 2017 shooting – Gerrard – Butler Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news (Wen Da Zi) in the North American film market for creating good box office results disaster thriller series "collapse" and "the fall of Olympus London", recently began brewing "third film" collapse "series the angels fall" (Angel Has Fallen). The film continues to invest in the United States by the Millennium film company, the film’s lead actor Gerrard – Butler has officially announced the return of this series, continue to play the super agent around the president. According to the latest news from foreign media sources, the two movie screenwriter team will continue to penned the script, the official start of the first half of next year. "Angel" has not yet revealed the story to fall, but according to the title, the story may occur in the "city of angels" in Losangeles, the president of the United States could once again suffered a terrorist attack. This year’s release "fall" from London who filmed "series" and "2" of the ill-gotten gains the Swedish director Babak – Najiafei served as director, Babak this is the first English movie, he will take over "angels fall" no news. "The fall" series in recent years is a blockbuster disaster movie action first, "" the fall of Olympus has been regarded as the White House version of "die hard", the basic routines are in accordance with the Hollywood action movie classic mode. A sequel to "London" the fall stories start from a plot to attack the British Prime Minister during the funeral. American agents have discovered the plot of the terrorists, but no one believed them, was caught up in the United States and the United States intelligence agencies have not been acquired by terrorists who join forces against terrorists. "Angels fall" may cast back together. At present, in addition to Gerrard – Butler announced the return of Aaron, as president Ekkehart (Aaron Eckhart), black actor star Morgan Freeman (Morgan Freeman), and the Oscar winning actress Melissa Leo (Melissa Leo) and so on are not confirmed whether to continue to participate in the performance. The film is further polish the script, the film is expected to launch in the second half of 2018 in North American cinemas, once again open the "destruction + escape" mode.相关的主题文章: