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Girl, you are not live in the palace fighting drama set to second source: Mizuki Ayatsumi Author: late love girl, you are not live in the palace fighting drama set 1 to second years ago, I have personally participated in a divorce case, the parties named V. When she knew little V, it was the lowest point of her life. Four years ago, in order to support her husband’s career, she resigned at home with children. When the child is just kindergarten, her husband filed for divorce, and very harsh conditions: children to him, give her a house and a little money. The children since birth later left no small V one day, she is willing, resolutely refused to give up the child, so the husband also proposed a solution: you have children also, but must cleanse the family. Don’t know what to do with the small V to find her cousin sobbing, her cousin is my friend, so I just know a little V. When I heard this thing, very angry, the man to divorce, I think this is his freedom, I will not comment, but this to his wife and children, I can not tolerate, therefore, could not help intervene. Small V crying with my introduction of general situation. From her messy description, I generally understand their situation: there are three sets of houses, are married property, there is a car of tens of thousands of cars, there are hundreds of thousands of deposits in addition to 30. The child is small in V from first to last, men rarely say, seldom care about children. I still do not think such a selfish man will really strive for child custody? He is not afraid of children affected his new life? Don’t take care of the children trouble? He called to the children, but is forced to cleanse small V chips. 2 I told young V, you tell him that children can go to him, since he put children to you you have to get out of that, similarly, children to him, he should get out, at least, have to spend most of your property, let him pick. Small V is crying and said: "no, I can’t have children, I must fight for children." I have a headache to say, I did not ask you to give up the child, it is only in response to your husband’s means, he felt that the child can blackmail you, you tell him directly, the child can be returned to him. He would never have children, even the child will feel the way, this time, you can talk to him, you can take the child, but he must give property. Small V but from beginning to end a sentence: "I can do nothing, but I can not do without children." Her cousin was angry: "children, no one told you not to have children, and now is to help you fight for the legitimate interests, or what do you raise a child? Drink the northwest wind together?" Finally, her cousin took her cell phone to edit the news. I am beside many women end up miserable, filled with a thousand regrets: really from them to find the reason, do not love encounter a thing to solve the problem with a mind, preoccupied with how do I, how do I want to. Do not analyze the status quo, do not understand the strategy. After receiving the news, they dare not相关的主题文章: