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Go to the hospital on the way to rupture of amniotic fluid, with the help of her husband successfully delivered! The 29 year old mother – Sohu Colin · Xin Na Ti (CorinneCinatl) feel some discomfort in the abdomen at 2:40 in the morning, and at 5:50 the uterus begins to severe contraction, but because there is no other sign, Xin Na Ti couples are not placed on the heart. Then the frequency of labor pains is getting higher and higher, so Cinnati and her husband are ready to drive to the hospital, and notify her nurses and production photographers. On the way, the symplectic’s successful delivery and rupture of the amniotic fluid, with the help of her husband. And her photographer friend kept driving behind, taking these photos in time. After childbirth, the Xin Ti was rushed to the hospital, the doctor said she and the baby’s very good. She said the photos were better than she had imagined. She wanted to record the moment of delivery, but she didn’t want them to be too realistic. Finally, she said to the other expectant mothers, "if you have the same situation, you don’t have to panic. In general, this sudden pain will not be too complicated situation." Pregnant women suddenly childbirth, and have to go to the hospital for the first aid measures? (1) let women supine in clean bedding, take the chest type shallow breathing, to alleviate the pain. (2) when the fetal head and shoulders exposed, with both hands and gently lift up, make it slowly delivered. (3) if not landing a fetus crying, crying, because the amniotic fluid should be sucked out of the mouth. (4) when the umbilical cord does not beat, the sterile line is used to divide the abdomen from the abdomen. The best doctor to cut the umbilical cord, such as the doctor can not be available when shaving knife or scissors with alcohol or water after disinfection, the umbilical cord is cut. (5) if the baby is not breathing, mouth to mouth resuscitation. Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy and other information, with the baby grow up happy! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520 (long press copy)相关的主题文章: