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Go young eight concept released! Changhong + Wowkie Zhang which young? Sohu science and technology in November 10th, Changhong group set off on the Internet, go young like a hot topic, quickly attracted a lot of attention of young users hot. Now this Lai Chi (QI) (PA) "New Youth", also have their own understanding of "young". Some of them are youth in the "Ge You paralysis" mode, some believe that those who travel through the hardships Sihai is unusual "go young". Do you have the "eight views" of different walking young youth? It turned out that you are the most surprising of the young Wowkie Zhang, Changhong go young kind of topic also attracted a lot of attention of public figures. Always "erratic" star Wowkie Zhang also forwarded "go in micro-blog young eight view" posters, and friends chatted about their "young" life! After all, he is the most outstanding representative of young youth fan children, often a surprise, is a rare personal independence of conduct entertainment, inter generation idol. Timely enjoyment? Game life? Why not! At the same time, the theme poster exhibition, held in Beijing Changhong throughout the winter, one of the 798 young people gathered on the square of Bauhaus Art Center, "young was like" a huge poster for a three day exhibition from November 6th onwards, "eight views" poster and Exhibition Trolltech youth had a strong resonance concept! Some people make a declaration of love, love you want me to love. Love should not only be the parents of life, love is not on the words of a match-maker "! Some people have open-minded attitude to consumption, money will be wasteful, good attitude is the most important. There are more people to show the attitude of the work, the work is to love! Sichuan Mianyang, "young was like" posters onto the bus ads, the whole month coverage spread, Changhong’s New Youth Theme brand promotion from Changhong headquarters in Mianyang, the national radiation, and great in strength and impetus on an unprecedented scale, the line did not convey to the user without change from the starting point "determination. "The pulse" youth, don’t look forward to the "negative young, just like Changhong," a short brand slogan, why can cause a large number of young people to resonate? It can be said that in recent years with the Changhong brand rejuvenation "change, attention, cognitive and insight into the needs of young consumer groups are inseparable, in the long-term observation, Changhong clearly identified to" go young "life meaning for young people. The old man Changhong with new faces and young people stand together, "downtown" into one, break through the tradition, advocating "break the normal procedure, appropriate free play of life". Based on this concept, by "young was like" the theme of the activities of fans gathered community, active fans economy, brand heat soared, with his sincere service and enthusiasm for the December new official website on-line heating up. November 10th, Changhong young like min theme activities!相关的主题文章: