Gold futures bullish factors PVC rally stop fermentation

Gold futures: bullish factors PVC rally stop fermentation client to view the latest market trend analysis, chart 1: Dalian commodity exchange [micro-blog] (DCE) V1701 PVC futures contract chart (yuanton) source: financial, Jinshi Futures Institute this year, PVC futures prices have been showing concussion upward trend. From a technical point of view, PVC’s rally remains good, there is a trend to continue to rise. As of September 13th, the price of PVC once again test the pre pressure of 6700 yuan per ton, we believe that the basic analysis of the level of PVC up to the highest possible breakthrough, you can do more to do the operation. Two, the interpretation of the 1 Factors 1.1 carbide stage upstream market supply shortage, the cost of supporting the PVC price chart 2: carbide spot prices in East China (yuanton) source: Longzhong information, since Gold Futures Institute in August, the domestic calcium carbide prices continued to rise, and will continue to rise in September. As of September 13th, the domestic calcium carbide in East China spot price closed at 2950 yuan tons, is the end of August rose 125 yuan tons, up 4.42%. At present, the cause of the recent rise in the price of calcium carbide factors are manifold. First of all, affected by environmental inspection, pre maintenance device (the calcium carbide in the northwest region mainly) restart slowly, resulting in inadequate supply of calcium carbide phase; secondly, due to the recent power supply, the supply of calcium carbide was inhibited; finally, the higher the operating load of downstream chlor alkali enterprises, the stock is positive for calcium carbide. Looking ahead, the factors supporting the price of calcium carbide signs and no obvious weakness, so the supporting role for calcium carbide prices will continue the current rally is expected to continue, calcium carbide, calcium carbide method which will raise the cost of PVC, the price of PVC for the formation of strong support. 2 in the market 2.1 a substantial increase in exports, the demand of PVC west of the East is not on chart 3:PVC import and export volume (unit: ton) source: General Administration of customs, Jinshi Futures Institute, according to statistics, in 2016 July, China’s PVC imports 54089.990 tons, total imports amounted to 372017.800 tons, imports amounted to $44 million 976 thousand and 100 total imports amounted to $296 million 290 thousand and 600, the average import price of 831.51 U.S. dollars tons, imported a total price of $796.44 tons, imports fell 3.20%, an increase of 9.36%, compared with the same period last year declined 15.29%. According to customs data show that in July 2016 China’s PVC exports to 123250.510 tons, the cumulative export volume of 693644.560 tons, the export amount of $90 million 426 thousand and 100, total exports amounted to $501 million 400 thousand and 300, the average export price of $733.68 tons, the cumulative export average price of $722.85 per ton for export.相关的主题文章: