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"Grown up" in the classroom   tears ran; Chen Jiahe desert syncope – entertainment channel, Chinese first file growth inspirational reality documentary "grown up" 21:08 tonight in Beijing satellite TV to broadcast sixth. After Wu Zhaoyi because of high altitude pulmonary edema life-threatening was forced to leave, the teenagers will reluctantly continue to dream. Perhaps too long away from home, the language class a reading attracted many young miss their loved ones have tears in the classroom, after-school letters written to this solution. Then the limit load assessment across the desert, chubby tired because of being carried on a stretcher and Chen Jiahe is suddenly fainted, and two people or once again facing elimination crisis. The classroom of young homesick tears ran Qi letter confession parents language class the teacher led us to study the famous writer Zhu Ziqing’s "father", Fan Yunfei volunteered to read the text, but not stop reading the wrong that the students set the whole room roaring with laughter. When you read the description of Father Fragment, Fan Yunfei began to sob, cause the Lenovo to his childhood because of family tragedies, early to assume family responsibilities, more grateful to my father to support their own dreams, but also said his biggest wish is to let the father happy. A moving to reveal the truth to allow more students to join the discussion, along with their parents do not Chen Jiahe in the classroom for the first time to confide. He wanted to communicate with the father, but the father often busy with work, could not find the opportunity, days and months multiplying lead to conflicts. In order to allow students to better communicate with family affection, the teacher decided to let everyone write a letter sent back. It’s really hard for teenagers who are shy to show their love to their parents. But through all sorts of ordeal, once again think of their loved ones, how will they confession? And whether to have a new understanding of the family? The teacher’s good intentions, will become a turning point to improve the relationship between teenagers and their parents? The exciting! Lay a stretcher before the examination desert chubby Chen Jiahe syncope second uncertain fate mountaineering qualifications the assessment, limited weight-bearing crossing, located in South Central Tibet, dusty Zhanang desert expansion. During the assessment process, the six teenagers are required to load 20 kg sandbag, 80 minutes, 5 km walk across the desert zhanang. The huge wind and the continuous influx of shoes in the sand for the teenagers had hitherto unknown difficulties, Zheng Jialun is halfway away full of sand shoes. After the training had still not fully recovered from the injury, the chubby start falling in the team final, coupled with the harsh terrain, let him every step in a great deal of pain, and eventually fall to move on the road. Found chubby after the fall, his teammates regardless of exam time, immediately returned to the rescue. Although Rooney cried: "don’t worry about me!" they still leave weight by stretcher in its way. On the other side, the uncharacteristically always red in the first Chen Jiahe, was suffering from serious cervical disease, but was afraid to drag his teammates sprint. However, will eventually failed to withstand the torment of the disease, Chen Jiahe suddenly syncope in the desert, the coach doctor rushed to the rescue. Due to leave Wu Zhaoyi brought great shock to the teenagers, they don’t want to lose any)相关的主题文章: