Guangdong 3 million 200 thousand license plate to refresh the mainland record auction revenue for wh-9c8947

3 million 200 thousand Guangdong license plate auction revenues for the mainland to refresh the record where the Sohu news license plate Guangdong V99999 sold 3 million 200 thousand yuan on November 19th afternoon, Guangdong city in Jieyang province held in 2016 first issued public auction number car brand bidding, issued public auction, Guangdong Guangdong V99999 VQ8888 80 car license plate. 20, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter called the Guangdong financial group will undertake bidding auction company, the staff said, 80 pairs of plates on the day of the auction all shoot, the Guangdong V99999 transaction price of 3 million 200 thousand yuan in the shoot, refresh again Chinese mainland license plate price record. Public information, Guangdong province through bidding income number, deducted through bidding work related costs and refund of expenses, all for the road traffic accident social rescue fund expenditure, but the specific details of the use of funds never announced. Guangdong V99999 to 3 million 200 thousand yuan turnover in November 19th at 14:30 in the afternoon, Guangdong city of Jieyang province in 2016 first public auction will be held in the car number plate auction Jieyang city public resource center. According to the previously provided car license plate auction price table, Guangdong V99999 grades starting price of 500 thousand, ranking 80 in the side plate for the first time; Guangdong V89999 starting price of 200 thousand, ranked second. BYD reporter from a recorded in the auction scene in the video to see the Guangdong V99999 license plate auction: auction from the beginning of 500 thousand yuan full bid, Taiwan first is someone with 10 thousand and 20 thousand increase, to 560 thousand after they immediately bid 1 million 500 thousand, the scene caused a burst of applause. Soon, 1 million 600 thousand, 2 million, 2 million 800 thousand…… Call after another, the final freeze in 3 million 200 thousand yuan. The auctioneer shouted "3 million 200 thousand last time, the deal!" Hand from the hammer down, Guangdong V99999 plate the successful bidder, the whole process only 1 minutes and 46 seconds. After the auction results, the Guangdong V99999 plate was netizen called "the mainland’s most expensive license plate", many users lamented: 3 million 200 thousand to buy a license plate number, his farther and farther away from the world and the nouveau riche. Even the netizen is very hard for the plate "exact" calculate parity with gold: "a license plate weighs 350 grams, 700 grams of a pair is obtained by dividing the 700, 3 million 200 thousand 4571 yuan per gram, with the price of gold per gram of 271 yuan, equivalent to 16 times the price of gold." BYD reporter contacted Mr. Xia, take Guangdong V99999 the other said, 3 million 200 thousand yuan bid auction just because "love the plate", and that "value for money". Netizens questioned Liang unfair auction auction staff, the auction by the Jieyang municipal government to form the "car number plate through bidding work leading group" responsible, "we are through the formal bidding procedures, commissioned by government departments to auction the plate." It is understood that the Guangdong financial group Auction Co. Ltd. has hosted nine public bidding will car number plate. In early 2014, Jieyang car license plate auction will be a pair of Guangdong V8"相关的主题文章: