Guangdong issued a document to prohibit advertising sales the most expensive land Guangshen Dongguan

Guangdong issued a document to prohibit advertising sales the most expensive land Guangshen Dongguan Guangdong Zhuhai first issued the prohibition of advertising sales the most expensive land Guangshen Dongguan Zhuhai Sina bear the brunt of financial news on September 30th news, the Guangdong Provincial Administration of housing and urban construction department and Guangdong province yesterday issued a notice to further regulate the province’s real estate advertising activities. Notification requirements of real estate advertising sales ban issued "the most expensive land", "Wang," and other information. The recent Guangdong area of Guangzhou Shenzhen Dongguan City bead frequency is the most expensive land, the real estate market is hot. The document issued, the city bear the brunt. According to Nanfang Daily reported that in order to implement the "People’s Republic of China advertising", "real estate advertising regulations" and other laws and regulations, standardize the Guangdong Province real estate advertising activities, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the masses, the industry and Commerce Administration Bureau of Guangdong Province Department of housing and urban rural construction of Guangdong Province issued a notice on further regulating the real estate advertisement activity in September 29th this year. Notification requirements, the release of real estate advertising should have valid documents; real estate sales advertising content must be true and accurate, and that the number of commercial housing pre-sale permit and certification authority. Commercial housing sales advertising and promotional materials are expressly matters, the parties should be agreed in the sale of commercial housing contract. At the same time, the location of the real estate project plans and housing information should be true. It is worth noting that the notice also pointed out that real estate advertising prohibits the publication of the following contents: contain the appreciation or return on investment commitment; to the project in a specific reference to the time required for the project location; as misleading publicity for the planning or construction of transportation, commercial, cultural and educational facilities and other municipal conditions containing; fengshui, divination and other feudal superstitious, contrary to good social propaganda content; the most expensive land, Wang; other circumstances prohibited by laws and regulations. The documents published in the background, is the recent Guangzhou Shenzhen first-tier cities as well as Zhuhai, Dongguan and other second tier city of Wang Pin, the real estate market hot, many developers to borrow "the most expensive land" or "the most expensive land section" big selling brand name. The document issued, the city will bear the brunt of advertising and sales may not be involved in "the most expensive land", "Wang," and other information. In August 26th this year, Guangzhou, a total of two to shoot the king. The central enterprises MCC real estate to total 3 billion 679 million 200 thousand yuan with Changling in homestead, equivalent to floor price of 27274 yuan, Guangzhou District of Whampoa  to become the new king. Previously, private garden Yue Real Estate Development Company Limited with 2 billion 173 million 380 thousand yuan and 27450, with the construction of resettlement housing, competing Guangzhou Liwan District Huada logistics plots, equivalent to the floor price of up to 36773 yuan, make Guangzhou the most expensive land price, the future sales price will reach 60 thousand yuan; in August 29th, China Merchants Shekou and OCT joint bidding with 31 billion yuan won the Shenzhen New International Exhibition Center (a) supporting commercial land. Total price of 31 billion yuan also refresh the former Guangzhou Asian Sports Village to maintain the national record of the total price of the king of 22 billion 500 million. The second tier city such as Dongguan has emerged in five months were the king. In September 27th, the financial record to the price of 1 billion 947 million yuan with Dongguan Huang Jiang town on相关的主题文章: