Guangdong’s youngest mayor was born Yangjiang is a 70 after the Zhanjiang people (video)-cancam

Guangdong’s youngest mayor was born: Yangjiang is a 70 person in Zhanjiang on this month, on the other, that is, before the Mid Autumn Festival, the six session of the Yangjiang Municipal People’s Congress held the Eight meeting of the 13. After meeting vote, Wen Zhanbin unanimously elected as mayor of Yangjiang Municipal People’s government. Zhanjiang Wen Zhanbin born in January 1971 has become the youngest mayor in Guangdong province 21 prefecture level city. Previously, Jieyang mayor Chen Dong was born in 1970 in Guangdong province is the first 70 prefecture level city, coincidentally Chen Dong is Zhanjiang Suixi County, the two people in Zhanjiang province is also currently the only 2 70 prefecture level city. Temperature and temperature Zhanbin Zhanbin resume, male, Han nationality, born in January 1971 in Guangdong, Zhanjiang, July 1993 to participate in the work of the party in October 1991, postgraduate degree, a doctorate in economics, economist. 1989.09 learn the Foreign Language Department of South China Normal University deputy chief of International Finance Department of the 1993.07 Guangdong International Trust and Investment Corporation (during the period: 1996.12-1998.06 as Dongguan Guangxin Industrial Development Company Manager) 1998.06 Guangdong International Trust & Investment (Hongkong) executive director, executive vice president of financial department manager and Co Ltd 1999.02 Hongkong Guangxin Industrial Co. Ltd. 1999.09 Guangdong Development Bank Office (during the period: 2001.09-2004.01 Jinan University finance postgraduates) secretary Deputy Secretary of the 2001.12 Guangdong Development Bank Guangzhou branch vice president and 2002.10 vice mayor of Lianzhou City, the East Branch of the 2003.05 Qingyuan municipal League 2003.07 Communist Youth League Qingyuan Committee (during: 2004.09-2004.12 youth class provincial Party school training, 2004.04-2008.01 Jinan University finance professional doctoral students) 2004.11 Qingyuan Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League Party secretary, Secretary of the 2006.03 Committee of Yangshan County Deputy Secretary, deputy magistrate, on behalf of the county, 2008.07 County Yangshan County Party Secretary, member of the Standing Committee of the county people’s Congress, the party secretary of the 2011.12 Qingyuan municipal Party committee, member of the Standing Committee of the 2012.01 Qingyuan municipal Party committee secretary of Yangshan County, Qingcheng District Secretary, Qingyuan Economic Development Zone (Qingyuan high tech Industrial Development Zone Party committee secretary of the 2012.07) Qingyuan municipal Party committee, city party secretary, member of the Standing Committee of the Qingyuan Economic Development Zone Party committee secretary of the 2016.04 Qingyuan municipal Party committee, city party secretary, Qingyuan high tech Industrial Development Zone (Qingyuan Yan Huxin) Deputy Secretary of the Party committee secretary of the 2016.07 Yangjiang municipal Party committee, deputy secretary of the mayor to 2016.09 deputy mayor of Yangjiang City, municipal government, municipal government mayor (data from written: Jiangnan editor: green) [three] reading as most adorable baby young mayor Award Encourage people to eat ice cream相关的主题文章: