Guangxi police uncovered narcotics seized suspected methamphetamine finished 16 kilograms in Beijing-shuyue

Guangxi police uncovered narcotics seized suspected methamphetamine finished 16 kg – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Nanning September 19th news (reporter Xia Jun) reporter from the Guangxi Yizhou City Public Security Bureau recently learned that the city police busted a hidden in the remote villages of drug manufacturing dens, arrested for drug officers 2 people, seized suspected methamphetamine finished 16 kg, semi-finished products 49 kg, 120 kg of raw materials and manufacturing equipment manufacturing group. According to the police, in early November 2015, police received a report that some people in Yizhou City, Huaiyuan Town, Huaiyuan three factory manufacturing, local anti drug brigade launched an immediate investigation. The police found that there are 2 men to purchase raw materials and equipment manufacturing a large number of suspected methamphetamine drugs in the vicinity of residents rent a room, has begun to manufacture methamphetamine. Police quickly set up a task force to investigate and identify the 2 suspects for the town to celebrate the town of Ping Ping village. At this time, the suspect, drug manufacturing raw materials and manufacturing tools suddenly disappeared. The police found the suspect will go deep, I transferred to remote villages and village at the junction of Ling Tong De Xiang, every one or two months over 1 times, every 10 days will be transferred. In mid August this year, the police learned that 2 people just purchased a batch of raw materials from the field, after the police investigation to determine the hidden location. The evening of September 3rd, the 2 police on the spot will be making drug methamphetamine arrested. After the trial, Yang and Wei confessed, Weimou in online learning the technology to manufacture methamphetamine, Yang discuss, raw materials and equipment purchased by Yang Yang’s home funds together in manufacturing. Currently, the case is under further review.相关的主题文章: