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Guizhou, Qinglong: Chinese united front 15 years helping finally see the results – Beijing in the United Front under the support of Qianxi Prefecture in the beautiful countryside construction has achieved good results. For Ceheng Buyi village reconstruction. Yang Yun photo Beijing, Xingyi 30 October Xinhua: Guizhou Qinglong: China united front 15 years helping will see results author Yang Yun "mountain peak, even a ditch next to the sink, looking up the mountain, see bow ridge." This is a true portrayal of Yunnan Guizhou Guangxi mountain area, area of life. Qinglong county is located in Guizhou, Yunnan and Guangxi Shimo mountain, Yunnan Guizhou Plateau middle, has jurisdiction over 14 towns, 96 administrative villages (communities), inhabited by the Han, Miao, Buyi, Yi and other 14 people 340 thousand people. The county rocky desertification serious, Karst area accounted for 53% of the county’s land area, the per capita arable land is only about 0.77 acres, of which the slope of arable land accounted for 65%, less earth thin, bare stone, serious soil erosion. Qinglong, how to break the poverty problem? Lack of endogenous motivation, citing external force." Qinglong county Party committee and government leaders told reporters. "The central United Front Work Department designated helping Qinglong, is conducive to the integration of the various democratic parties, the National Federation of the resources and forces to work together to boost the development of various undertakings in Qinglong." Qinglong cadres and the masses believe that Qinglong people themselves very hard, but if there is no united front to support this, it is difficult to develop." In 2001, Qinglong explore karst mountain grass and livestock, poverty alleviation, rocky desertification control integration of the road, the introduction of high-quality Boer goat and local goat hybrid, with lotus town full of Jiang Village as a pilot, demonstration began development of sheep grass. In 15 years, in the United Front under the support of Qinglong County planting artificial grassland of 480 thousand acres, 305 thousand acres of grassland, sheep 50 million, covering 14 county towns 20 thousand village. "Sheep, tea, fruit, vegetables, tobacco, barley" characteristics of the six industry has formed the scale, and according to local conditions, poor households will respect the development of pig, cattle, poultry, fish, medicine and other industries. As of October 2016, the per capita disposable income of rural residents in Qinglong County close to 6500 yuan, about more than 6 times in 2000. It is understood that in 2016, the central United Front Work Department to carry out personnel training in Qinglong County, medical and industrial poverty and poverty alleviation projects. The Democratic Party Central Committee in Beijing, Suzhou and other developed areas as Qinglong township cadres, focusing on the training of the rural rich leaders, teachers, practical agricultural technical personnel and village cadres, donated a batch of medical equipment for township hospitals. The National Association of industry and commerce "to help enterprises million million village" activities relying on the coordination of private enterprises and poor villages to carry twinning. The Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of agriculture and other ministries to coordinate e-commerce enterprises and experts on the characteristics of industrial promotion, marketing guidance, coordination of experts and scholars of China Agricultural University, Beijing Forestry University and other colleges and universities as sheep grass, herbs, tea and other industries to provide technical guidance, optimization of variety and information services. The beginning of 1990, the central United Front Work Department, the national science and Technology Commission, the State Ethnic Affairs Commission and the democratic parties, the National Federation of industry and Commerce jointly established a joint liaison group, to promote the Guizhou province Qianxi Prefecture established ")相关的主题文章: