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Hainan province is the first cross regional environmental resources judicial circuit court inaugurated the Haikou Beijing News – Sohu in September 26,   (reporter Fu Meibin) Hainan province Yinggeling, Bawangling environmental resources circuit court 26 in Hainan Province, Baisha Li Autonomous County of Yinggeling Mountain National Nature Reserve Management Station officially inaugurated. It is reported that the court is also the first inter regional environmental resources in Hainan trial circuit court. "Jinshanyinshan as beautiful scenery, ecological province as the development strategy of the construction of the international tourism island of Hainan Province, Hainan Provincial People’s Government in 2016" government work report "of this year work plan:" strengthen the nature reserve management, to crack down on all kinds of destruction of forests, wetlands, wildlife resources act." In a fair trial cross regional environmental resource case on resolve disputes, the court of Hainan in Yinggeling Mountain National Nature Reserve, Bawangling National Nature Reserve established in the circuit court, Dongfang, Ledong Li Autonomous County, Lingao County, Changjiang Li Autonomous County, the establishment of the assizes point. Yinggeling circuit court in Yinggeling protected area management station, tour area of Yinggeling protected area; Bawangling circuit court in Bawangling Nature Reserve Management Station, tour area of Bawangling Nature reserve. According to reports, the circuit is the trial of the second intermediate people’s Court of Hainan province. The judgment, ruling or decision made by the circuit court is the judgment, ruling and decision of the second intermediate people’s Court of Hainan province. Hainan second intermediate people’s Court of environmental resources divisions and the circuit court is responsible for hearing the following case tour in the region: environmental resources, civil cases of first instance administrative cases of first instance; environmental resources; environmental resources relates to the first instance civil and administrative public interest litigation; Hainan Provincial Higher People’s court shall be considered by the Hainan Province second intermediate people’s court environmental resources division and the assizes court cases. Hainan provincial Party Secretary Li Jun said at the opening ceremony, the circuit court and the assizes for multi regional environmental resources cases centralized jurisdiction, circuit court, can break the limit of the system, to avoid the various departments mutually making excuses phenomenon, is expected to become a powerful weapon against environmental resources crimes "". Hainan Provincial Higher People’s court party secretary, President Dong Zhiliang said that the environmental resources judicial reform is an important part of the Hainan court of the work of the judicial reform, the core is to implement the "who who heard the referee, who who is responsible for the judicial responsibility system, the purpose is use of legal means to effectively protect the ecological environment resources. (end)相关的主题文章: