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"Raise children" Hairong Tian: remember the role than my name Hairong Tian reconstruction of the Hairong Tian classic role of Sina entertainment news is Liaoning TV hit "the warmth of tear. Raising a child is not easy", so many viewers to play bone Hairong Tian [micro-blog] plays the heroine Li Xin Ru the fate of anxious tears, her interpretation won the audience praise. In the "Thunderstorm" and "black", "women don’t cry", "in" bandits and many other hit works in shaping the success of the audience memorable role, Hairong Tian will once again brilliant show to the audience of an ordinary woman of extraordinary epic. From her Li Xinru lost her husband in an accident, huge pressure instantly overwhelmed by this gentle woman. She is not only facing the family changes and her husband passed away the pain, it is a huge pressure on young women to raise five children alone, and there the tattle and prate. Her strong tolerance, her as a mother’s instinct to hold her, she is not afraid of the hardships of life, resolutely carry the burden of the family, to bring up five children. Hairong Tian said: "I prefer the audience to remember the role I play, which is an actor’s highest honor, than to remember my own name is more important."相关的主题文章: