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Determine the   hammer T3 release time; users: they can listen to the Luo Yonghao crosstalk – Guizhou channel — people.com.cn original title: determine the hammer T3 release time: users can listen to the Luo Yonghao crosstalk yesterday, hammer technology CEO Luo Yonghao on micro-blog news release: 2016 new release will hammer on the evening of October 18th in Shanghai Mercedes 19:30 Benz cultural center held at the same time, said it would launch a ticket in the barley net in October 9th. A new conference time is finalized, the netizen said: "There were many discussions., and crosstalk can be listened to," Luo you owe us a success, on the road to niubable doomed to loneliness and rogue "," this is your last chance "," big exposure to half a year in the end". Before that, Emihiro Hiroshi @KJuma forwarding an e-mail users, the message content is LETV Ecological Sports Center Activities Notice, and extension activities, is the "September 7, 2016 hammer technology new conference". Mail content said, was originally scheduled to be held in September 7, 2016, as the center of the music as the center of the hammer technology new conference, after consultation with friends, the event was extended to XXX, the specific time to be determined, please know." According to previous exposure, hammer T3 is equipped with 2.15GHz frequency Xiaolong 820 processor, 4 6GB memory options, provide storage capacity of 64GB UFS 2 specifications, camera combination is the front 8 million + rear 16 million (SONY IMX298), equipped with the latest Smartisan OS 3 operating system. Hammer technology a year and a half loss of 600 million was acquired from the recent rumors of a hammer on the phone in the first half of 2016, the results of the news was exposed, causing concern outside the world of. By the China Commission before the date of disclosure of Chengdu nibilu Polytron Technologies Inc prospectus exposure pointed out: the first half of 2016 the hammer technology loss of 192 million yuan, in 2015 the annual loss of 462 million yuan, a total loss of nearly 650 million years. Nibilu Polytron Technologies Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chengdu Baotuan Venture Investment Company Limited in June 2015 to invest 30 million yuan hammer hammer technology holds 1.13% stake in science and technology, a year later, the interests of the owner of the corresponding Holdings has only 2371 yuan, less than 1/10000 of the cost of investment. In addition to the news of the loss of hammer constantly emerging, hammer technology will soon face the acquisition of the news is also emerging, which is one of the largest popular acquirer. Kido smart watches for children early in the music as ecological release at the beginning, had been invited Luo Yonghao station, and in August 16th, Luo Yonghao discovered the LETV mobile phone conference site, Liu Jiangfeng at the press conference also specially introduced the arrival of Luo Yonghao. The next day Luo Yonghao Jia Yueting WeChat public number on the article "Liu Jiangfeng, cool CEO in micro-blog, 1099 yuan to push LeEco inside really cool mobile phone" double photo ecological links, interaction between the two sides increasingly close, the industry will be acquired on the hammer music as more news hot music except outside)相关的主题文章: