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Han Lihua attended the food preservation and Steamed Rice dishes project signing ceremony of Daqing network (news reporter Zhang Haoran) October 28th, Daqing Economic Development Zone, Heilongjiang harvest agricultural Co. Ltd. and Heilongjiang the Great Northern Wilderness Food Industrial Park Co. Ltd. signed with food and fast food preservation Steamed Rice project strategic cooperation framework agreement. City leaders Han Lihua, Ren Guisheng, Chen Daen, Yu Chen, postal savings bank branch president Ren Guoqing, the Great Northern Wilderness business group chairman Wang Kejian, Heilongjiang autumn harvest Agriculture Co., Ltd. Meng Qingru, chairman of the board attended. It is understood that the project is located in the District, covers an area of 240 thousand square meters, plans to invest 3 billion yuan, the construction of fast food preservation Steamed Rice production line 30, rice cake and potato production line 10, line 5 production lines, mainly the production of instant fresh flavor dishes and South Korea Steamed Rice, expected annual output value of 11 billion 500 million yuan, construction project in two phases, a planned completion by the end of 2018, two by the end of 2021 the completion of the production. Han Lihua said that the food industry is an important sector of Daqing to build diverse industry system, we have to rely on the development of Daqing modern agriculture to provide high-quality raw materials, with "farming tougong tail", "food grain head tail" as the starting point, the development of deep processing of agricultural products, extend the industrial chain, bigger and stronger food industry. Today’s contract marks the birth of another large supply side market body in Daqing food industry, which will play a significant role in the development of Daqing food industry. Meng Qingru said, they will accelerate the project construction, as soon as possible, the floor started to put into effect, and strive to make the enterprise leader in food safety, a founder of the revolution in the kitchen, a fast food era diet creator.

韩立华出席速食保鲜米饭及配菜项目签约仪式   大庆网讯(新闻中心记者 张浩然)10月28日,大庆经开区、黑龙江秋收农业有限公司、黑龙江北大荒食品产业园有限公司共同签订速食保鲜米饭及配菜项目战略合作框架协议。市领导韩立华、任贵生、陈大恩、于宸,邮储银行省分行行长任国庆,北大荒商贸集团董事长王克坚,黑龙江秋收农业有限公司董事长孟庆儒等出席。   据了解,项目位于经开区,规划占地面积24万平方米,计划投资30亿元,建设速食保鲜米饭生产线30条、打糕及配菜生产线10条、米线生产线5条,主要生产韩国风味速食保鲜米饭及配菜,预计年产值115亿元,项目分两期建设,一期计划2018年底建成投产,二期2021年底建成达产。   韩立华说,食品产业是大庆构建多元产业体系的一个重要板块,我们要依托大庆发展现代农业所提供的优质原料,以“农头工尾”、“粮头食尾”为抓手,发展农产品精深加工,延长产业链条,做大做强食品产业。今天的签约,标志着大庆食品产业又一个大型供给侧市场主体的诞生,必将对大庆食品产业发展起到巨大牵动作用。   孟庆儒表示,他们将加快推进项目建设,尽早落地开工、投产达效,努力把企业做成食品安全的领航者,做成厨房革命的缔造者,做成速食时代饮食习惯的创造者。相关的主题文章: