Hangzhou express courier package inside the package is 20 yuan, with the number of fake banknotes – zibba

Hangzhou courier receipt bizarre parcel was full of 20 yuan with the number of "false banknotes – Beijing, the money only two in number, a number 25, was full of counterfeit money. Send the man to put down the package quietly away. The courier is not assured, the visual inspection of the box shaleyan: inside a stack of money, is 20 yuan rmb. Why express cash? Now transfer more convenient ah! Courier picked up the money carefully look: the money is only two numbers, a number of 25. Are counterfeit money! The courier visual inspection of the box full of money wrapped in the afternoon of October 27th, Jiang is a small courier company received spare parts industry. Then a man came up and said he wanted to send some books. At that time, there are several parcels in the hands of Xiaojiang, so let him wait. And so small Jiang turned around and found that the man had gone, leaving only a single face and parcels. In accordance with the provisions of the courier to send pieces, to verify the sender’s identity information, and to face the visual inspection of the box. Feel some strange man, back to the company, Xiao Jiang opened the package for inspection. Unexpectedly, there is a charge $20 for 50 yuan, zhang. Xiao Jiang looked carefully, is full of counterfeit money! This small Jiang is not calm, and quickly contacted the company’s business executives, reported to the police. In order to catch the suspect, the police were counted, Xiao Jiang to let single wet paper, handwriting recognize not clear need to fill in on the grounds that this man was about to come out. More than 7 points that night, sent the parcel was successfully captured. After hearing, Yang, 24 years old, Guizhou people. The police seized the counterfeit and semi-finished ink, glue and other counterfeiting tools in Yang’s temporary premises. Processing of semi-finished counterfeit money each earn 5 gross price according to Yang, a few months ago he met a netizen on the internet. The friends told him there are counterfeit money on hand, but also know how to make counterfeit money, are interested can find him. At the beginning, Yang think this is wrong. Do not dare, then the friends gave him just one day in the production of counterfeit money, his heart, and began to learn the production of counterfeit money with friends. He to 2.5 yuan a price from the users bought 100 counterfeit 10 yuan, 20 yuan denomination, and the tools needed. After receiving counterfeit money, Yang would like to try. The first took a 20 yuan counterfeit money to a nearby supermarket to buy things, the boss was recognized, Yang not informed by prevarication in the past. After returning home, he told the counterfeit money is not good, has been recognized. The friends told him to put counterfeit money to do the old, so it is not easy to recognize, convenient circulation. Know the basic method, Yang wait for my wife to work, secretly took out tools to begin processing of semi-finished counterfeit money. Yang frankly, one day can be processed more than 100 pieces of counterfeit money. From the beginning of production to be caught, he has produced 165 pieces of 10 yuan, 20 yuan denomination banknotes, totaling 2650 yuan. He made out of counterfeit money, to 3 yuan a price for delivery to the designated address, and he has made a profit of 390 yuan. The day before, Yang suspicion of counterfeit currency has been detained by the police, the spring相关的主题文章: