Hao! Liu Tao set the brush mobile phone Alipay suspected exposure (Figure) balance-sexinse

Hao! Liu Tao set the brush mobile phone Alipay suspected exposure (Figure) the balance of Liu Tao view of property income, suspected Alipay account interface exposure before Liu Tao in a photo studio shot out. In the photo of Liu Tao during shooting on the set frequency from the amplified mobile phone brush, photos, Liu Tao suspected of financial income in the studio to see. Because the phone screen distance, the amount of the account is not too clear. But from the point of view, is likely to be one million or more. Liu Tao in the entertainment circle is known as a workaholic and comeback after the title of model worker, every year there are new, in recent years is the continuous Nirvana in Fire "," Star "Mi month biography", "Ode to joy" and many other IP series success screen. Reported that in 2016 the upcoming "Ode to joy" Liu Tao 2 single paycheck 30-40 million sets. Investment, entrepreneurial company, Liu Tao is on the way from the national good wife to overbearing offensive farther and farther, and the number of mobile phone financial picture is exactly how many people are curious. Related news Wang Ke and Liu Tao licensing nine anniversary memories: never disappointed the past document source: ifeng.com entertainment time: September 26, 2016 Liu Tao Wang Ke ifeng.com entertainment news September 26th is Liu Tao and her husband Wang Ke licensing 9 years anniversary, Wang Ke drying out a photo of Liu Tao in the hotel at micro-blog, has also long memories of the two licensing after the wedding. Liu Tao Wang Ke said, if not a fan of Liu Tao in the micro-blog reminder, the exact time you have almost forgotten the two licensing, licensing and on the same day, two people are with a few words on the way, seems to have a lot to say but there are countless times "yesterday about to speak, but saying nothing, died yesterday, today a variety of today’s students" understanding. Also funny said, if today, is not necessarily lead to the card, no appointment, did not get up early, even the location is also found in the early morning." But all this does not hinder the two people happy marriage, also said affectionately "Hongshan clear water, mountains and rivers in the country and finally Wang Ke, whether the next year is not the best look, our past, never disappointed. If we meet today, please wish me a happy anniversary!" Users also have the blessing: "nine anniversary happy, you happy, we silently, remember to help us hold Tao sister, told her that we love her" "Wang". Wang Ke: the day of the afternoon is also very quiet, even the car is very flexible to open, the light outside the music I can hear you breathing. The road didn’t what people like me when I was a kid playing truant summer day, adults have to work, children are in school, street stalls empty sun, occasionally a painting knife big voice, soon disappeared again. The whole world seems to fear the destruction of this process, and we are very complex, along the way, especially if small, seems to have a lot to say but there are countless times "yesterday about to speak, but saying nothing, died yesterday today today a variety of students" understanding. If today is certainly not receive certificates, no appointment, no early morning, even the location is found, because of not talking to anyone, they have no guidance in addition to the documents also with what we put a wallet to drink tea in general dada the civil affairs bureau. Is next to the eyes, even a wedding also give a person, according to.相关的主题文章: