Harbin million award to encourage non mining enterprises to report illegal acts-4000dy

Harbin million prize encourage the reporting of non coal mine illegal newspaper news (reporter Gao Hongfei) in order to regulate the management order of Harbin non coal mine, crack down on illegal behavior, reasonable and orderly development of mineral resources, recently, Harbin production safety supervision and Management Bureau, Public Security Bureau, the Bureau of land and resources, market supervision and Management Bureau and other departments jointly issued a notice, list the relevant provisions of the open-pit mine enterprises safety production should abide by, and a million cash prize to encourage the public to report violations of non coal mining enterprises. It is reported, including production safety shall comply with the provisions of the open-pit mine enterprises, must complete license effective safety management mechanism perfect or equipped with full-time safety management personnel, the implementation of safe production responsibility system, safety management in place of outsourcing engineering; ensure the training of qualified, three staff positions (i.e., the main person in charge of production safety, special operations management personnel, personnel certificates); ensure the adjacent quarry mining permit range of minimum distance greater than 300 meters; according to the design from top to bottom bench mining; blasting operations must implement the safety management regulations and "blasting safety regulations", without approval must be used in deep hole blasting; must carry out wet drilling operations; must use machinery two times (not broken by blasting broken stone) and shovel loading; we must implement the slope safety Measures must be designed according to the soil, to strengthen the management of waste dump; must establish a special (and) emergency rescue teams to ensure emergency equipment and materials and emergency drills in place. In addition, mining enterprises have been shut down, there are illegal production behavior; purchased stone processing enterprises, there are illegal mining of mine behavior; undocumented, licenses incomplete or license expired in production and business activities; fraud drawings, drawings inconsistent with the actual problem; undocumented illegal prospecting and do not have the relevant qualifications for prospecting construction operations no, no; qualification procedures of construction, renovation of underground engineering subcontracting, illegal subcontracting, escrow problem; illegal manufacture, sale, transportation, storage and use of explosives for civilian use behavior of ammonium nitrate and other raw materials of illegal manufacture of explosive material quarrying. The open-pit mine enterprises violate the above provisions and cases, people can report, can take pictures, images in the form of records of illegal behaviors, and then by telephone, e-mail, fax, letters, visits and other means to report illegal illegal behavior. The contents of the report verified in accordance with the "safety production incentives" to give 1000 yuan to 10000 yuan reward. Hotline: 12350 Fax: 0451-82729110 e-mail: a b110@ – J J 163 com mailing address: Xuan Yi Street Nangang District of Harbin City, No. 17 Harbin city safety production supervision of law enforcement detachment reporting center postal code: 150001相关的主题文章: