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Hollande will be "China two generation" said the rise is "Chinese surprise" – Beijing, Beijing, September 19, according to the French "European Times" reported that the local late on the night of September 16th, French President Hollande met with Chinese youth based Chinese representatives in Paris 13 a mentheverte restaurant in Chinatown. Hollande discussed the social security and economic development of France with these young people and had a friendly exchange in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Paris congressman Chen Wenxiong 13, mayor Gu Mei, Zhejiang European Council Chairman Liu Ruojin, Wah Group operations director Huang Jin and China two generations together at the meeting. Hollande and the two generations of China after the forum photo. (European Times reporter Kong Fan photo), according to Liu Ruojin revealed that some time ago, although the body in Hangzhou G20, but always concerned about the trend of France. The Chinese "9.4" anti violence March also attracted his attention. Hollande said that the return of his visit, he has been looking for an opportunity to meet with representatives of the Chinese, and I want to talk to the Chinese youth today". Chinese youth representatives Zheng Li, Wang Lijie, Hu Jinou and so on security, integration, participation and other issues with Hollande for the exchange. Hollande praised the two generation of Chinese young energetic, full of creativity. Hollande said, "China two generation" is a bridge, they carry the Chinese culture and French culture, but you are French, be aware of this, you can put the French company to Chinese, can also be the introduction of China investment. The two generation of China "is the Chinese community to A new force suddenly rises." surprise me. Hollande said that the Chinese "9.4" parade attracted his attention, the Chinese response to their demands, and orderly show their voices, this is commendable. Most of you are French, to express their aspirations from the overall situation in france. He said that to solve the security problem, has been in the government work agenda, the relevant departments will give solutions. Hollande is clearly more concerned about economic development, he specifically invited Liu Ruojin and Huang Jin on the economic development of France to give views. Liu Ruojin said that Chinese enterprises are also a bridge, they will bring the Chinese enterprise products to Europe, both stimulating the export of domestic enterprises, but also to the vitality of the European economy. But at present, due to the limitations of French policy, Chinese enterprises in France, the investment is not smooth, many large projects have not been implemented. He suggested that the French government to establish a special department to invest in China, to tap the vitality of small and medium enterprises, more enterprises to enter the Chinese market, Chinese businessmen can play its unique role. Hollande agreed with Liu Ruojin, and said, China investment in France, the French media are not awesome. For example, China’s investment in France’s airport project, it was a good cooperation, but was speculation into capital invasion. This we have to reflect. "The two generation" also expressed his views on the ultra vires, business tax, real estate transaction tax, media coverage and other issues of neutrality. Hollande thanked the views of young people, he encouraged the "China two generation" in politics, said "I like you". He even gave the Chinese government.相关的主题文章: