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Heard that you play off? – Sohu car to tell the truth, to play off the road in the country is a very magical organization. With the domestic SUV sales blowout of the past few years, many people are unwilling to work usually just more comfortable and open SUV. They prefer to bite the bullet and spend tens of thousands of dollars, or sacrifice some comfort configuration to get a four-wheel drive system, is in a period of the weekend, in the mud to find some fun for off-road car or mountain road. If you have the above ideas, congratulations to you is in the "pit" (the pit is not derogatory, refers to the area of interest deep). Even in what little mountain in Jiangsu, off-road enthusiasts also he just opened up like Suzhou, Huzhou tiger tan tank base can play off-road vehicle areas. There have seen a lot of people open their own compact SUV Qucourenao, although the final is likely to be friends with a tow rope out of the mud, but even if it is stuck in the mud to move, for them is a fresh experience. If we try to advance a little, so SUV is not suitable for ordinary. Next in their Baidu search box appears in the key words have become "non bearing" and "AT tire" and "winch" and so on, these words are usually accompanied by a website name: cross-country E. It can be said that each of the country to play cross-country or want to play off the road have landed on this site. I even the mud and desert timid people are often go shopping — cross-country e second-hand car plate is really fun, often appear similar to the 70s primary forest people such an interesting strange guy. But there is a deeper understanding of the cross-country e, or by a line activities. I just received the invitation, "that is only" a cross-country e Zhejiang brigade cross-country venue. "A hill are not the place to play off?" After the scene, I found out that I was too naive. No site? Dig out a good one with an excavator and a bulldozer. The key is the site of three floors and three floors of the audience surrounded by a tight, of course, the people have not to open the compact SUV, but Jeep, UTV and modified cars are steel. Playing cross-country car is really a big pit, what sound poor three generations, SLR ruined life". You play a cross-country racing car? Spend hundreds of thousands to refit a car Jeep Wrangler could only be regarded as millions of entry, buy a Baja car is fancier level. Have heard in the past 15 years the Dakar Rally Championship Racing was the domestic level and high cross-country game player bought back. Of course, if the top of the grid, then, there is a big brother in this year’s rally on the ring to open the car with a red shell BMW off-road racing. Speaking of the tower rally, now the game is also included in the – car racing star platform release of the new cross-country E. Many of the world, the world’s most platform bragging too, but not cross-country E. Qiazhiyisuan, world top, cross-country race and this platform has become a strategic partner..相关的主题文章: