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Heavy pollution forced the "free lunch" to push the public transport free. The public welfare channel is still the Lanzhou of the capital of the less developed western cities of Gansu. In recent days, the free bus has become the hot word in the public’s mouth. At the back of this "welfare", it is the determination and attitude of the official "Lanzhou blue", which is forced by the severe atmosphere environment. Since November, under the combined influence of extreme adverse weather conditions, the discharge of local pollution sources and the input of exotic sand and dust, Lanzhou has been continuously polluted for 19 days, triggering orange (grade II) early warning. Local authorities launched an emergency 24 hour traffic restriction on motor vehicles on the first day of 20 hours. Meanwhile, 96 bus routes in the main urban area were fully implemented free service to ensure normal travel. On the 22 day, the people who took the free bus had faded the novelty of the first day experience. More people understood it as the government’s "pay the bill" to encourage citizens to travel green. "Free public transportation is good, but it’s not realistic for a long time." Huang Xudong, a citizen of Lanzhou, believes that some supporting measures should also be taken into account when limiting the row. For example, vehicle purchase tax and insurance premium should be given corresponding reduction or preferential treatment. Coincidentally, "motor vehicles limit traffic + public transport free", this emergency response to heavy pollution weather is not the first time to appear. It was launched in Hebei and Henan in mid November. Shijiazhuang City, the heavy haze area of Shijiazhuang, began to implement the "implementation plan for the operation of sword cut off pollution action". In addition to the 45 days of the main urban area, the odd and even number lines and buses are free. The program also includes 7 industries, including iron and steel, which are all shut down, and 24 hours are checked for industrial pollution sources. The pollution control is very strong, even the media is called "the most strict pollution treatment program in history." Similarly, the Lanzhou government has also opened a "series of pollution for medicine": a half year "winter" action, site downtime, all party and government organs of official vehicles, half day outage sweeping night dust, tens of thousands of cadres and workers turned blue grid"…… Lanzhou officials say it will start the limit only if extreme weather conditions occur. The key to continuous and effective control of vehicle emission is to improve the quality of vehicle oil, strengthen the supervision system of vehicle emission, and improve the motor vehicle emission regulation of freight vehicles. Source: China new network

重度污染逼出“免费午餐”多地推“公交免费”-公益频道   尚属西部欠发达城市的甘肃省会兰州,连日来,免费公交成了市民口中的“热词”。而在这“福利”的背后,则是受大气环境严峻形势所迫,官方为保“兰州蓝”所表现出的决心与态度。   11月以来,受极端不利气象条件叠加本地污染源排放和外来沙尘输入的综合影响,兰州连续出现19天污染,触发橙色(Ⅱ级)预警。当地官方20日凌晨紧急启动机动车单双号24小时限行措施,同时主城区的96条公交线路全面实施免费乘车服务,以确保市民正常出行。   22日,乘坐免费公交的民众已褪去了首日体验时的“新奇”,更多的人将此举理解为政府“买单”以倡导市民绿色出行。   “免费公交固然好,但长期实行并不现实。”兰州市民黄旭东认为,限行的同时,一些配套措施也应该考虑进来,比如车辆购置税、保险费等应给予相应的减免或者优惠。   无独有偶,“机动车限行+公交免费”,这项针对重污染天气的应急措施并非首次出现,仅11月中旬就在河北、河南等多地相继推行。   雾霾重灾区石家庄市17日起实行《关于开展利剑斩污行动实施方案》。除为期45天的主城区单双号限行、公交车免费外,方案还包括钢铁等7大行业全部停产、24小时检查工业污染源、各单位错时上下班等。治污力度颇大,甚至被媒体称为“史上最严治污方案”。   同样,兰州官方也针对污染开出“系列猛药”:为期半年的“冬防”行动、工地全部停工、党政机关公务车辆停运一半、白天扫街夜晚降尘、数万名干部职工变身“网格蓝”……   兰州官方称,只有在出现极端不利的气象条件,才会启动限行措施。而持续有效地治理机动车尾气排放,关键还是在改善车用油品质量、强化在用车排放监管体系、整治货运车辆的机动车排放执法等方面。   来源:中新网相关的主题文章: