Hebei County, a political commissar of the armed forces driving unlicensed vehicles retrograde is dr-antik

Hebei County, a political commissar of the armed forces driving unlicensed vehicles retrograde is drunk driving beat Village Beijing News News (reporter Lin Feiran) in October 22nd, with two car in Hebei city of Cangzhou province Yanshan County crash. Today, the Beijing News reporter was informed that a village official, saline county director Liu Jinfeng drunk driving, three collision retrograde parking armed County Committee, County Department of political commissar Lou Xiangdong’s car, and beat, abuse of Lou Xiangdong. Currently, Liu Jinfeng has been controlled by the police. 24 am, Cangzhou military district staff told the Beijing News reporter, Lou Xiangdong has been sent to hospital after being wounded, the military district departments have been involved in this matter. Network transmission of video display, the accident occurred in Yanshan County of Tianjin street. The time of the incident, a Buick car business with a retrograde unlicensed TOYOTA sedan. In the middle of the road, Buick car three crash TOYOTA car after the owners get off hold TOYOTA owners collar beaten, and shouting "Yanshan County Armed Forces Department, he reversed, he unlicensed unlicensed". Today, the Beijing News reporter obtained a copy of the official report shows that in October 22nd, 3 pm, in Yanshan County, Tianjin Street intersection traffic accidents caused by fighting. The investigation, Lou Xiangdong (male, 48 years old, Lou Shan county county committee, political commissar of the armed forces) TOYOTA cars driving on the road to stop retrograde position. At this point, Liu Jinfeng (Yanshan County, Yanshan Town, Liu Village village committee director) drunk driving Buick business car, Liu Qing, Liu Yanfeng, who ride. Unable to move on, Liu Jinfeng asked Lou Xiangdong to move the car, then Liu Jinfeng drove 3 times successively into the TOYOTA car, causing two damage to the car. Informed that, after the crash, Liu Jinfeng and others to get off, Liu Yanfeng pulled Lou Xiangdong down from the TOYOTA car, Liu Jinfeng, Liu Yanfeng beatings and abuse of Lou Xiangdong. In the process of dragging, Lou fell on the kerb. After the event, Liu Jinfeng and Liu Qing were arrested by the police, and was arrested in the middle of the. Beijing News reporter learned from the Cangzhou municipal government informed sources, local police involved in the incident after the incident, the village director Liu Jinfeng has been controlled by the police. The above notification Department issued a written report to the propaganda department. As of press time, Cangzhou, Yanshan two Party Committee Propaganda Department and the police department has not been handling unlicensed driving Lou Xiangdong retrograde public response.相关的主题文章: