Hefei police released the National Day holiday highway bypass route-nlite

Hefei police released the National Day holiday highway bypass route Hefei online news (reporter Jia Wenrong Wei Tao) 2016 National Day holiday time is October 1st to 7, during the small passenger car toll free policy, Hefei traffic police department anticipation, during the national day go out travel, shopping and leisure traffic flow will be more concentrated, the city’s highway, the main road and tourism attractions, commercial outlets around the road traffic pressure, therefore, the traffic police department announced in advance shunt crossing and bypass line, for the public to make judgments and reference before the National Day travel. According to the traffic police department, the National Day holiday, people travel, visit relatives and students to and from campus traffic is more concentrated, the 24 highway traffic import total will reach 2 million 600 thousand times, an increase of 7.9%; high speed rail station passenger traffic will reach 800 thousand people, an increase of 24%; passenger flow of about 660 thousand passengers train station and the same basic level; the city’s 9 passenger stations is expected to flow of 633 thousand passengers, up slightly. The National Day holiday, travel by the masses, to return home, back to the city, Anhui, Anhui, Jiangsu and other regions and the influence of the main transit traffic, highway crossing, train station, bus station and other municipal area, 450 km highway and viaduct, a ring out of the city fast road, traffic flow will show the characteristics of "tide" fluctuation. Both nodes, such as the National Day holiday, October 1st and 7, "tidal" features will become more prominent, the main highway, the city and the city expressway and other parts of the point, the backlog of vehicles queuing phenomenon may occur from time to time. Is the same as in previous years, the city and county area of important traffic node pressure reduction, during the holidays, people return home to visit relatives, reunion shopping tourism, transfer students and other traffic flow will be more concentrated, some important traffic node traffic will increase, there is a certain traffic pressure. The urban area of Binhu City, is expected to Wanda, wetland park, shore grassland, Da Wei, Shushan, horn emblem along Forest Park, Sanhe Town, Zipeng Mountain and Chaohu scenic areas and other famous leisure tourism area, and pedestrian street, three in an important period of some other downtown business district road, traffic will be more concentrated. Due to the National Day period, the highway and urban roads are still under construction, easy to lead to slow traffic, affecting traffic along the region and. The blocking point includes the southern Beltway crossing section of high speed rail station (the half range of two-way traffic), East Beltway to Longxi junction hub construction Road (the implementation of half speed two-way traffic), Wu Wuhu to Nanjing direction (ramp closed construction required by the host port, and fertilizer bypass) of Urban Rail Transit site construction period. At the same time, the high speed Shidaoshan tunnel, he’an high-speed Lujiang to Shucheng, Hefei and other West hub mussels combined high-speed part of the point, it is easy to form a traffic node. According to the layout of the city’s road network, some key points in the congested road and taken to the proximal shunt control measures, specific shunt crossing and bypass line is as follows: (a) Beijing high-speed Shucheng to Yan Dian Duan downlink serious congestion. Diversion in Shucheng crossing organization, from Shucheng.相关的主题文章: