Heilongjiang province has invested 2 billion for the development of women and children in the past f-zngay

In the past five years, Heilongjiang has invested 2 billion for the development of women and children. The province has issued a new plan for the development of women and children (2016-2020). It is reported that our province has invested 2 billion yuan in the past five years, and through efforts, the target of the last round of planning (2011-2015) 97.6% has achieved the expected goal, and has improved in health, education and employment. Medical — at present, I am a number of provincial women and children’s health indicators in 2010 compared with the obvious progress, the maternal mortality rate dropped to 193 thousand and 100, the mortality of children under age 5 decreased to 10.86 per thousand, the infant mortality rate dropped to 8.82 per thousand, are better than the national average, women and children’s health improved significantly. Education – preschool education is difficult to be effectively alleviated. Two rounds of "three years of preschool education action plan" promoted the rate of gross admission in the first three years of school to increase by 25% than in 2010. Employment — the proportion of women in the new urban employment in the province has always been around 40%, the number of new employed women is 38.7%, and the number of women who settle for employment is 41.7%. The proportion of women participating in politics — the NPC and CPPCC, at all levels of leadership and organizations at the grassroots level in the present trend of steadily, among them, the provincial people’s Congress on behalf of the female to reach 23.9%, the village committee members in the proportion of women to 25.4% women, "two committees" of the village chief in the proportion reached 5.6%, the three indicators have reached the historical the highest level. Security — in our province women to participate in all kinds of insurance number increasing, insurance continues to expand, as of the end of 2015, women participate in the basic old-age insurance for urban workers, urban and rural social pension insurance number accounted for the total number of insured 42.9% and 50.9%, a record high.

黑龙江省过去五年投20亿用于发展妇女儿童事业   近日,我省发布妇女和儿童发展新规划(2016-2020)。据悉,我省过去五年投入20亿元经费,经过努力,上一轮规划(2011-2015)97.6 %的指标实现预期目标,在健康、教育、就业等方面都有改善。   医疗――目前,我省妇女儿童多项健康指标与2010年相比进步明显,孕产妇死亡率下降到19.3 10万、5岁以下儿童死亡率下降到10.86‰、婴儿死亡率下降到8.82‰,均优于全国平均水平,妇女儿童健康状况明显改善。   教育――学前教育难得到有效缓解,两轮“学前教育三年行动计划”推动学前三年毛入园率比2010年提高25%。   就业――全省城镇新就业人数中女性占比始终保持在40%左右,新就业人员中女性占38.7%,安置就业困难群体中女性占41.7%。   参政――妇女在人大、政协、各级领导班子及基层自治组织中的参政比例呈现稳中有升趋势,其中,省人大女代表达到23.9%、村委会成员中女性比例达到25.4%、村“两委”正职中女性比例达到5.6%,这三项指标均达到了历史最高水平。   保障――我省妇女参加各类保险人数不断提高,险种不断扩大,截至2015年底,妇女参加城镇职工基本养老保险、城乡居民社会养老保险人数分别占参保总人数的42.9%和50.9%,创历史新高。相关的主题文章: