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Henan 2 traffic police rush ticket media: fine thinking affect the image of the police – Sohu news is not a misunderstanding, the traffic police department also do not excuse. People like to eat melons, but not all fools. Those "fish on the water" type of fine thinking and the corresponding indicators of assessment practices, it really affected the image of the people’s police. The day before, a short video of 1 minutes in the online crazy pass. Video content for Henan, Nanyang, two police officers to grab a ticket triggered a fierce dispute, which the young police said, you open your ticket, I open my…… Who does not affect who, the task is completed." Another officer sitting in a police car, with foul language. Local police informed that the evening of 12, has been performing their duties to stop two officers involved, and ordered to make a profound examination. In order to quell public opinion, Nanyang traffic police department issued 12 evening bulletin said, when the police act of misconduct, vulgar language, expression is wrong, caused public misunderstanding, affecting the image of police. Allegedly, the matter has been informed of the police service, by analogy, strictly regulate law enforcement behavior, to prevent such incidents from happening again. According to the above statement, the impact of this event is only the image of police, police officers involved with personal qualities, so the requirements under the police to "strict" in the future law enforcement action, don’t repeat humiliating. This is a typical transfer line, evade the crucial point. In this matter, two police misconduct "behavior, verbal vulgar" is true, but the expression of "error, caused public misunderstanding, but it is not realistic. The young policeman said very clearly, you and me the opening of the ticket, Each one minds his own business., "the mission" if not to go back to get a ticket". The meaning is expressed to the masses to misunderstand as clear as noonday, where? Obviously, the crux of the matter is that the traffic police department to the police on duty imposed a fine index. If they were "misconduct", nor wronged them; but they are not misconduct mentioned above, but no clear boundary between the site did not say, the internal contradictions exposed in front of the people, even the fine leak secret — task refers to standard assessment, though this has long been an open secret. However, the open secret can not say ah. A considerable part of people do not know the secret, occasionally heard also skeptical. This is good, two police in public for fines, but also told the crowd that we have a fine task. This is an authoritative confirmation. But in the Nanyang traffic police department seems to confirm that this is a misunderstanding". Is not a misunderstanding, the traffic police department also do not excuse. People like to eat melons, but not all fools. They are very clear, it does affect the image of police, but one of the main influencing factors, but they are not "misunderstanding" two police, "police are not eating too ugly, but that depends on the penalty does not regulate the practice of keeping police operation. It is not standardized, because of different management ideas and the original intention of modern government. The modern government manages the society, by means of administrative and legal means to maintain its positive相关的主题文章: