Henan new regulations illegal traffic reporting units only for public officials luonv

Henan new traffic violations Chaogu units only for public officials in October 7th, Hong Kong and Macao Expressway Henan to Xinxiang section of Zhengzhou, the traffic police at the scene photographed, the vehicle handling emergency Lane occupied. From the beginning of November 20th, Henan to carry out the civilized traffic safety month theme activities in Henan Province, in a month of activities, Henan province will focus on remediation of various types of traffic violations, and the implementation of traffic violations Chaogu system, personal traffic illegal information will be Chaogu to subordinate units. The lift sparked controversy, some analysts pointed out that the existence of the legality and feasibility of the two major issues, the unit is a bit of a copy of the law without evidence". Beijing News reporter yesterday from the Henan Provincial Public Security Bureau, the Henan Provincial Traffic Police Corps learned that the system has indeed been copied in the implementation of the report, has not yet been carried out to report the case. Henan Provincial Traffic Police Corps deputy chief Miao Yulu told reporters on the Beijing News, personal information to the so-called illegal copy, only for the illegal behavior in party and government organs, enterprises and institutions of the staff in driving private car, private staff is not as illegal information media said the company will be chaogu. At present, the guiding significance of this approach is greater than the actual meaning of punishment. [1] ask Chaogu unit regulations why has? After the bus reform public personnel driving private cars, this is mainly to guide the traffic behavior on the bus before the reform, the Public Security Bureau of Henan province and Henan Provincial Civilization Office jointly issued a document, also referred to the Chaogu system, and bus violations into civilized unit assessment practices at the Luoyang and Anyang has been relatively mature. "At that time, the implementation of more convenient, a driving license can see which unit. At that time the records and even our law enforcement records can be transferred out." Henan Provincial Traffic Police Corps deputy chief Miao Yulu said. After the bus reform, the reduction of official vehicles, party and government organs and enterprises and institutions to drive more private car travel. Miao Yulu said that their approach is mainly to guide the traffic behavior of this group of people, I hope the importance of civilized transportation units. To deal with traffic violations of the party and government organs and private vehicles, and implement Miao said, in fact there is a certain degree of difficulty, and some mechanism does not straighten out, this approach is currently being discussed. Beijing News reporter learned from the Henan provincial public security department staff, the Henan Provincial Public Security Bureau has issued a series of regulatory documents with the provincial civilization office, the two sides are still negotiating. The forthcoming document, not only for the Chaogu system, and traffic civilization blacklist system, linked with the civilized unit selection and a series of norms, according to his understanding, the current document has been drafted, also consulted. In June this year, Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau issued a "notice" on the increase penalties related information collection project in the legal documents of administrative penalties for public security traffic management, drunk driving, drunk driving, driving without a license and other 10 kinds of traffic violations, July 1st public security departments will increase in the acquisition of books on political affiliation and occupation the information of administrative penalty decision, a move aimed at sharing information for the Department, Chaogu linkage and credit linked to create conditions to further enhance China’s comprehensive traffic safety management capability. At present, Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu, Zhejiang相关的主题文章: