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Henan will welcome the new year involving 1808 townships in 158 counties. The reporter Hou Mengfei Washington, the first half of next year, our province, county and township level two NPC term expires, will usher in the "general election year". It is understood that the province will have 158 counties (cities, districts), 1808 townships (towns) of the people’s Congress will expire in the first half of 2017, should be a general election. Yesterday morning, the twelve session of the twenty-fourth meeting of the Standing Committee, Henan Provincial People’s Congress election and appointment representative director of the Liaison Committee Yang Shengdao made on the county level two people’s Congress general election related issues (Draft) to the General Assembly decided that decision (Draft) on the general time were clear, our province, county two Township People’s Congress election, arranged in the period from December 1, 2016 to April 30, 2017. Yesterday morning, the implementation of the province of Henan, People’s Republic of China, the National People’s Congress and the local people’s Congress election law > Rules Amendment (Draft), at the same time brought to the consideration of the law of the <. Amendment (Draft) one of the highlights for citizens to participate in the people’s congresses at all levels of the election, "shall not directly or indirectly accept foreign institutions, organizations and individuals to provide any form of election related assistance".相关的主题文章: