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Health GlobalData estimates the global Hepatitis B therapeutics market to be valued at $1.3bn in 2009. The market is estimated to grow up to $1.4bn in 2017, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 1.3%. This slow growth is attributed to the patent expiry of Baraclude in 2015. Growth in the Hepatitis B therapeutics market will be driven by an increase in the number of patients. The US is the largest market for Hepatitis B therapeutics and constitutes approximately 50% of the global market. There are more than 20 million people who are infected with Hepatitis B, and 3.5 million of these have developed chronic infection. Although the incidence of acute Hepatitis B is decreasing with current vaccination programs, people who already have this infection are at risk of developing chronic Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) infection as they get older. HBV is easily transmitted by the carrier to any uninfected person. The groups who are at high risk of the disease include healthcare and public safety workers, sexually active people, and people with end-stage kidney disease, and the rate of these groups seeking vaccination against HBV is low. Both the number of people infected with HBV and the therapeutic market for the disease are expected to increase. For further details, please click or add the below link to your browser: .www.globaldata.com/reportstore/Report.aspx?ID=Hepatitis-B-Drug-Pipeline-Analysis-and-MarketForecasts-to-2016&ReportType=Industry_Report&coreindustry=Industry_Report&Title=Pharmaceuticals_and_Healthcare The current Hepatitis B therapeutics market is dominated by anti-viral therapies. GlobalData analysis concludes that the current unmet need in the Hepatitis B therapeutics market is approximately 24%. The current market products are moderate to high in terms of both safety and efficacy. However, they do not provide a cure for the disease, and are only meant to prevent the disease progression. The value of unmet need in 2009 was calculated to be $316m. This could be captured by novel products, targeted to fulfill the current void left by the existing treatment options, mainly the development of anti-viral resistance. Thus the Hepatitis B therapeutics market has a high level of potential for further Research and Development (R&D) activities and to change the current standard of treatment. GlobalData, the industry analysis specialist, has released its new report, Hepatitis B – Pipeline Assessment and Market Forecasts to 2017. The report is an essential source of information and analysis on the global Hepatitis B therapeutics market. The report identifies the key trends shaping and driving the global Hepatitis B therapeutics market. The report also provides insights into the competitive landscape and the emerging players expected to significantly alter the positions of the existing market leaders. Most importantly, the report provides valuable insights into the pipeline products within the global Hepatitis B sector. For further details, please click or add the below link to your browser: .www.globaldata.com/reportstore/Report.aspx?ID=Hepatitis-B-Drug-Pipeline-Analysis-and-MarketForecasts-to-2016&ReportType=Industry_Report&coreindustry=Industry_Report&Title=Pharmaceuticals_and_Healthcare Visit our report store: ..globaldata.. For more details contact: [email protected] North America: +1 646 395 5477 Europe: +44 207 753 4299 +44 1204 543 533 Asia Pacific: +91 40 6616 6782 About the Author: GlobalData is a UK-based .pany with presence across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific and has a broad product offering that ranges from interactive databases, reports and custom solutions. It is a .prehensive source of insights and analysis with coverage including oil & gas, power, alternative energy, nuclear power, petrochemicals, medical equipment and healthcare industries. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: