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"Hide and seek" Wallace Huo and the "daughter" of mutual recrimination     Sina entertainment news October 31st, suspense thriller "hide and seek" held a "cry" world premiere conference in beijing. Director Liu Jiexie starring Wallace Huo, [micro-blog], Qian Qian [micro-blog] and two lovely children together debut. The same day Wallace Huo mood, it seems completely unaffected by Internet rumors recently, and there is love and interaction in the piece "daughter", the audience laugh. "Hide and seek" is not a ghost, no supernatural thriller, the fear entirely from the reality of life. The film side collects all kinds of audience roadshow and made into a frightened expression, naughty funny expressions, so that the director Liu Jie said: "we had a carnival comedy!" "Hide and seek" is scheduled to be released nationwide in November 4th. There is love! Jie Wallace Huo and Claudia "daughter" mutual love interactive display in the movie "hide and seek potential father", is when the father of Wallace Huo and actor Li Yiqing as a father and daughter, then Wallace Huo’s "father exercises" how do? Conference on the same day, Li also came to the scene, Wallace Huo tongyanwuji broke the set of interesting: rest, Wallace Huo will use film lines to make her said, "Zi adorable under cover? I’m here to catch you!" Will poker-faced to call small actors "go to work to earn money!" In the face of the "daughter" recrimination embarrassing situation, Wallace Huo "tit for tat", take it leisurely and unoppressively broke the feeling of desire is to play Lee bone (flower and bone). A feeling of Lee eventually resorted to killer, and Wallace Huo revealed that she was about 20 years, but fortunately was the host laughing stopped, this cute little secret can only exist in the "father" between. In the photo session, the host invited Wallace Huo to pick up a small actor to take pictures, the right way to demonstrate the child holding posture. Wallace Huo gently loose to "hold the princess", suddenly out of father image with wood? On the same day, Wallace Huo seemed to be in a good mood, as if he had not been affected by the recent rumors about his marriage with Ruby Lin [micro-blog]. However, the organizers did not arrange group visit links, to hear Wallace Huo’s thoughts with laconic response, being unable to achieve. The Wallace Huo as a severe obsessive-compulsive disorder and obsessive father in the film. How about the invitation to Wallace Huo, broke the news director Liu Jie met for the first time in the "time" of a snow, then one side of the Hailu Qin God up the knife with the words: "Hu Ge was also in the [micro-blog]!" Abused! Wallace Huo shot 7 days of fighting Hailu Qin challenges the most subversive role for filming the suspense thriller film makers have to eat a lot of pain. Wallace Huo said there is a scene where he played for 7 days, Dong Zijian made a cameo appearance [micro-blog] is appeared in the film, and Wallace Huo desperately struggling together. Here, Wallace Huo said with a smile, he and Dong Zijian’s father is the old partner years ago, often together to play the scene, but now and his son pat play, feeling very complicated…… Hailu Qin’s role in the film has remained mysterious.相关的主题文章: