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UnCategorized In order to be successful in your home-based business, there are few things that you may need to prepare. Business, whether small, medium or big, needs a good plan. Some business people prepare business plan, others need feasibility studies. Either case, it is wise to gain as much knowledge as you can about your niche, and skills in running your home business. For this article, candle making is the chosen niche. The first rule in doing business is ensuring the market. You may well ask yourself: Is there a market for candle business? The answer is yes. Every year, 3 billion US dollars are made by candle-making industry. People love burning candles. They are aromatic, romantic and energy-saving. Candles are used at home, while having therapeutic body spa, eating dinner with their loved ones, or simply appreciating the evening. Candles are also burned at clinics which niche is alternative and .prehensive medicine such as reflexology, body massage, acupuncture, and other spa therapies. Restaurants, hotels, and resorts are also a potential client. There are many types of wax used in making candles. And for that, you need to specify which you would like to sell for your home-based business. There are soy candles from soy wax. Gel candles are manufactured from gel wax. Beeswax candles are prepared using beeswax. And finally, paraffin wax is the most .mon wax candles available. Each type of candles has specific market. In choosing the candle you wish to sell, it is wise to know how it is prepared, the availability of materials, and its benefits. The benefits of your candles are what make people buy them, and who buys them. Now that you have decided the niche, marketing your candles is the next rule. Gel candles and soy candles are both economical as they burn slower than the other types. Soy candles do not give off black soot; instead, they emit white smoke, and thus beneficial to our sick earth. Capitalizing on this trait alone could be lucrative as people who are supporting ‘green planet’ movement will be especially interested in them. Gel candles are the most artistic and attractive as they can mimic objects and places. The .mon gel candle designs are aquarium, cakes and pies, tarts and beverages. With gel candles, it is sky as the limits in terms of designs. Having a marketing plan is important. It not only defines the strategies you can use to promote your home-based business; it also guides you on where to market your candles. Be flexible and creative. Advertisements may be effective. But they are also expensive. If you are resourceful and determined, you can promote your home-based business without spending too much. If you have good public relations skills, you can easily establish rapport with people. It would be easy for you to approach business establishment and offer your candles to be displayed at their shops, either as consignment or cash basis. Trades, fairs, flea markets and bazaars are a good platform to execute your marketing strategies. You can sell candles in packages or other mechanics like buy 3 take 1 for free. Do your own research about your home-based business and improve your visibility. Join and attend business clubs in your local .munity and establish your reputation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: