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Home Furnishing listed companies showed transcript half of 2016 has been more than half of the listed companies have Home Furnishing summed up the first half of the achievements and shortcomings of the Home Furnishing mainly listed companies in 2016 semi annual report were summarized, to provide some ideas for the development of peer development. From single product customization to the development of today’s home custom, custom life has been accepted by more and more consumers. From the first half of 2016, the main types of listed companies to customize the performance point of view, the growth rate is obvious, of which Sophia grew by 44.10% in the first place. From its disclosure report shows that in the first half, Sophia package policy continues to force, combined with electricity supplier channels for drainage, to continue to contribute to the growth of Sophia. In addition, the business began to grow rapidly, Sophia’s overall performance has been driven. Holike’s growth in the second place, the customer value of its big home strategy to enhance the performance of the new growth point. However, the current revenue growth is the core factor or the current growth in orders. Sibutramine increase is third, mainly due to the three dimensions of product, model, value chain, strategic layout. The seagull bathroom revenue drop small, net profit was significantly increased, the semi annual report data show that the company products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States, export revenues accounted for more than 80%, mostly in dollars. Therefore, the first half of the company’s operating income declined slightly, but due to the depreciation of the RMB exchange rate increase in export earnings and management costs, the company’s net profit to achieve greater improvement. In May this year in the A shares listed on the imperial ware, the official listing of the road has just started, but also in the long run. But for the first half of 2016 revenue, net profit double down, industry analysts said, mainly because the company vigorously promote the product promotion policy led to the decline in gross margin, while sales promotion policies have gradually weakened the role of sales promotion. At present, the domestic textile industry showed slowing growth trend, driven by seasonal factors, the market demand is relatively weak, coupled with the impact of the market homogenization of competition, the development of enterprises to challenge. With the attention of consumers to the textile category gradually shifted from price to value, the enterprise will change the business strategy accordingly. For example, Carolina life and mendale have taken method to extend the product line. Home textile also started to accelerate the transformation of smart home. Fuanna continue cultivating, focus on the development of personalized Home Furnishing. More like the new vertical electricity supplier business, the development of consumer DIY and do well-known IP derivatives, in order to enhance consumer stickiness and the use of economic development business fans.相关的主题文章: