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Home, make life better – Sohu always ask, which city people have the highest happiness index? The people kept their word, voted the highest city is not always constant. But if you really want to choose one, then I think, home must be the best in all cities. "We live in a small house in the city, livable index directly affects the happiness index, in order to improve the satisfaction and comfort, in the day of the move into the home, we constantly from a variety of ways including large and small objects to the fullness of our home, sometimes is a creative storage box, sometimes all the fun of a flower pot, or just buy a shower." these small items from entering our territory after it has become part of the house, a part of our life. They silently guard our home, for our comfortable life in their respective "post" dedicated to their own. "An iron general door lock’s troubles, guarding the family’s peace; a long solid translucent glass window from the raging storm, Yu Wen wrapped a long; a warm yellow lamp light gentle heart, decorated with a tender. They also bring us happy is very simple is also very common, is wearing a slipper with a cup of water to drink is free; the nest in the comfortable sofa listening to music is lazy; soft pillow pillow is easy to sleep; a plate of aromatherapy make it more sweet. We are used to the convenience of their existence, whether it is the night of comfort, or the early morning of the orderly, with them, a better life at home. They silently guard our home, quietly decorated with memories of our home, for each of them need to love the life of friends who love life, the good life is that they constitute a common. "Don’t forget to shelter not only cement stone wall, don’t forget to protect your secret dreams and not just friends, don’t forget to wait for you not only your pet. Don’t forget, they are the best things in life. Look for things that bring you warmth, record their beauty, and retain their images. Pay attention to interest Association, the association of community interest and we share together, those belong to you and they are beautiful! The sun home show "activities not only have a gift to send, and you can meet as to the small home goods have special feelings of friends, start time for the October 1st, pick up the mobile phone number of public concern, interest Decofun, come and share with them, the sun out of your home show you. Let the national family celebrate, and together they put together!相关的主题文章: