Homely sausage, rice meal, coke taste of rice-candy candy

Homemade sausage Paul Zifan love Steamed Rice coke flavor pot have always wanted to do more traditional baozaifan, these days to buy enough materials to do it in the best of spirits. I use the casserole is relatively large, you can do when you need to reduce the relative amount. Ingredients 150 grams of rice sausage 1 mushroom 2 flower carrot half root 1 egg amount of broccoli (decoration) corn oil the amount of soy sauce amount of sugar amount a little boiling water salt corn oil amount to 1. ingredients ready 2. casserole add 150 grams of rice, clean. 3. add 1.5 times the water, pour a little corn oil. (personally feel a little more water, or to see personal preference) 4. cover the pot, put the casserole on the little bear heating plate. 5. plug in the power supply, choose the rice cooker function, press "start cancel", automatically enter the working state. 6. work 20 minutes later, the sausage on the rice cover, continue to work. 7. of the last 5 minutes of the egg dishes and all auxiliary in Steamed Rice (on the side dishes with hot water blanched slightly) 8. cover, until the end of the work of 9. fragrant rice have a good 10. the transfer of the juice into the pot stir, you can eat

家常的香肠保仔饭 情缘米饭的焦香味道一直想做一锅比较传统的煲仔饭,这些天买足材料,兴致勃勃地做了起来。我用的砂锅比较大,大家做的时候可以根据需要相对减量。主料大米150克 香肠1根香茹2朵 胡萝卜半根鸡蛋 1个 西兰花适量(装饰)玉米油适量 金兰酱油适量 细砂糖适量冷开水适量 盐适量玉米油适量 1. 准备好食材2. 砂锅里放入150克大米,清洗干净。3. 放入1.5倍的清水,倒入少许玉米油。(个人感觉水有点多,还是看个人喜好来)4. 盖上锅盖,把砂锅放在小熊发热盘上。5. 插上电源选择煲仔饭功能,按“开始 取消”自动进入工作状态。6. 工作还有20分钟的时侯,把香肠辅在米饭上盖上盖子继续工作。7. 最后5分钟把鸡蛋和配菜全部辅在米饭上(配菜用热水稍微烫一下)8. 盖上锅盖,直到工作结束9. 香喷喷的煲仔饭已经好了10. 最后把调的汁倒入锅内搅拌一下,就可以开吃了相关的主题文章: