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Hong Kong media: central holding the killer will be Hong Kong Independence from the Legislative Council original title: Hong Kong media: central holding the killer will be Hong Kong Independence from the Legislative Council [Global Times correspondent in Hongkong Lingde] the Hongkong Special Administrative Region Basic Law enacted by the National People’s Congress, the right of interpretation of the basic law belongs to the National People’s Congress Standing committee. Since the return of Hongkong, the NPC Standing Committee has 4 times to explain the basic law. In 1998, the SAR government began to repatriate more than 1000 Hong Kong residents living in the mainland without a Hongkong residence permit to the mainland, and 4 appealed to the court. After many setbacks, the Hongkong court of final appeal sentenced the SAR in 1999 lost, also said the Hongkong court of final appeal to the constitutional jurisdiction. The verdict came out, Hongkong residence permit: if 167 Public opinion is seething with indignation. million children in Hong Kong, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. SAR government to the central for help, and to the people’s congress. On June 26th, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee issued a statement that only when the birth of the father or mother has been a permanent resident of the Hongkong people born in the mainland to enjoy the right to live in Hong Kong, but also in the mainland to bid warrants. In December 3rd of the same year, the 17 people appealed to the court of final appeal, the court dismissed the appeal and established the legal sanction of the people’s congress. In 2004, Hongkong "the opposition" proposed in the next chief executive and Legislative Council elections implementation of universal suffrage". In this regard, the NPC Standing Committee on the initiative of the law. This shows that the dominant political reform in Hongkong belongs to the central. In 2005, Hongkong’s chief executive Dong Jianhua to resign, took over the term of office of the chief executive is the remaining two years or a new term of 5 years, Hongkong social dispute. The SAR government once again submitted to the NPC Standing committee. National People’s Congress decided to release a two-year term. The interpretation of the law, the Hongkong public opinion, the National People’s Congress law allows Hongkong to quickly determine the new chief executive. Otherwise, once entered the judicial review, may be protracted, set off a tidal wave in Hongkong politics. In 2012, an American company sued the Democratic Republic of Congo and the China Railway Corporation in Hongkong. Hongkong court of final appeal on the case of state immunity, the initiative to the NPC Standing committee. After the event, the Hongkong government said that the court of final appeal in the decision of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress to interpret the law, the impact of the Hongkong judiciary is less, the effect is better than the decision by the government after the interpretation of the law. Since the return of Hongkong people’s Congress, the 4 interpretation of the basic law, to avoid unnecessary disputes within Hongkong, bridging social rift, but also for the central government and the constitutional power to make a clear definition. "Hongkong 01" website, now, Liang Songheng, you Huizhen deprived of seats, basically no suspense. Hongkong politicians think if Beijing took the interpretation "trump card", not only the Hong Kong Independence faction swept out of the Council, and will be more radical local compressed living space, is bound to affect the future of Hongkong political ecology. Reported that the NPC interpretation may not only refers to the "basic law" provisions of article 104th of the oath number only once, and may be the "basic law" provisions of the oath of authoritative interpretation, the Hong Kong Independence faction from the Legislative Council is just the first wave. More important is to compress the port independence 5相关的主题文章: