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Hong Kong media: China space station will be equipped with better meal Chinese women space space station construction schemes have been identified: 2024 Chinese or only has the space station in April 21, 2016 national shooting Beijing space city China astronaut Liu Yang. The Xinhua News Agency reference news network October 9th Hong Kong media reported that Chinese’s first female astronaut said 7, completed in 2022, China space station will be women. According to Hongkong’s "South China Morning Post" website reported on October 8th, the space station will be female, "astronaut Liu Yang said in Hongkong on 7 may. Lei Fanpei, chairman of China Aerospace Science and technology group, told Xinhua that China plans to launch a space test core module around 2018. Reported that Liu Yang in 2012 aboard the Shenzhou 9 spacecraft flew into space, becoming China’s first female into space. Reported that China is the third country after the Soviet Union and the United States rely on independent technology to send women into space. China’s second female astronaut Wang Yaping in 2013 into space. Liu Yang said that in order to prepare more manned missions, Chinese scientists are working to improve the living conditions of the spacecraft. "Shenzhou 11 will be equipped with better space meals," she said. "Astronauts can eat porridge in space." She said that when she was carrying out the task of an astronaut who had wanted to eat porridge. Scientists are also developing a shower facility for China’s space station, she said. Reported that Liu Yang had told the state media say plans later this month aboard the Shenzhou 11 astronauts to the two Temple No. two would be male.相关的主题文章: