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Hong Kong media: the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate to more local implementation situation of pollution – Beijing Hongkong "South China Morning Post" the November 24th article, the original title: China to the other 7 provinces in the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate China Ministry of Environmental Protection said, has sent 7 groups of inspectors to check the Central Environmental pollution control provisions of the implementation of the relevant provinces. Inspectors will go to the capital of Beijing, the financial center of Shanghai and manufacturing center in Guangdong, southwest of the city of Chongqing and Shaanxi, Gansu, Hebei has also been included in the list of inspectors. Earlier this year, the Ministry of environmental protection China obtain authority, can check the enforcement of environmental rules in various regions and enterprises in early warning, has also been given interviews and accountability of local officials or the person in charge of the enterprise power. China had sent to 8 provinces of the environmental Inspectorate group, has been more than three thousand officials were accountable, violation of environmental regulations were fined $198 million. China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection released last week, the feedback shows that around the air pollution control work has been improved, but some areas of water quality serious deterioration trend. Some companies have invaded and prohibited the development of nature reserves and other protected areas. Ministry of Environmental Protection said that a new round of central environmental inspectors will be fully completed before the end of this year stationed. In order to eliminate the excess production capacity of coal and steel industry, China will also send an investigation team to seriously investigate the illegal production capacity of these two industries. Chinese has always been difficult to control its huge coal and steel industry, because the local government to provide local employment and promote the growth of new capacity projects usually ignored. But this year, Beijing has been working on the region of the China to strictly control, put forward an investigation team from the Ministry of environmental protection has the relevant departments of the province some criticism. (Wang Huicong)相关的主题文章: