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The delegation of Hongkong to visit Beijing senior civil servants Hunan hospice volunteer service in September 22 Changsha – Xinhua news agency Xinhua (reporter Duan Xianju) 21, the Hongkong SAR government senior civil servants delegation came to Changsha "ten edge? Love visit and accompany" volunteer base, give the elderly and dying patients on the mainland volunteers heart care work, conducted close communication. According to the Hunan Provincial Office of the introduction of Hong Kong and Macao Affairs, the Hongkong SAR government senior civil service delegation organized by the State Council, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office and the government of the Hongkong special administrative region. 27 members from the Hongkong SAR government, highways department, environmental protection department, social welfare department and other more than and 20 departments. Many cities in the mainland are entering the aging society, and hospice care is still in its infancy. More and more people are being put into the field of public service, the government has begun to use the indirect support of the purchase of services. Changsha ten party edge love and companionship volunteer organization has been established for nearly two years, currently registered volunteers has developed to more than 1 thousand people, the service object is also from the welfare home, the elderly apartment to the community, rural development. Inspection team at the base to watch the photos of the volunteer activities, listening to the 72 year old star volunteer Tang Yu to participate in the story of love and companionship, enjoy the volunteer service for the content of the theatrical performances. Fang Shugong, director of the ten sides of the Beijing side of the introduction of the "edge of the ten party, love and companionship," the development process, sharing their own care experience. Subsequently, the presence of personnel of 22 groups, the elderly and the volunteers take turns to play, learn how to use the "touch of communication skills" care of the elderly. The Hongkong fire department had Damien said: "today’s interaction makes me feel like a few years ago." He remembered his grandmother was seriously ill in hospital, he is holding her hand, her grandmother left peacefully. Rao Geping, director of the Hong Kong and Macao research center of Peking University accompanied by inspection of the sense of Enlightenment: "this is between people first build feelings, a way of looking for sympathy." The delegation and volunteers also discussed the difficulties encountered in the development process and the corresponding countermeasures.相关的主题文章: