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Web-Design The 360 degree circle of cyberspace remains in.plete without PSD to HTML services. A large contribution in the development of the web world is made by PSD to HTML services. The progress in the IT sector has accelerated manifolds. With more and more PSD to HTML provider .panies mushrooming everywhere, the demand and supply are growing fast. PSD is the standard file format of Photoshop and it be.es essential to first convert it into HTML format to get web templates. PSD to HTML services improves the process of in web development. These conversion services sometimes also help in optimization of websites with respect to search engines. Such .panies relieve the designers and programmers from additional load of coding. We hear a lot about cross-browser .patibility, W3C validation, SEO semantic, and hand coded features while talking about PSD to HTML services. 1.W3C .pliance: the World Wide Web consortium provides rules to web designers to prepare a well formatted and structured website. It also keeps a check on mark up errors, if any. 2.Cross browser .patibility: different browsers available in the market give a diverse choice for the users to access the internet like opera, safari, chrome, IE, mozilla etc.. Users have a freedom to choose from various browsers as per their convenience. It is important to ensure that the codes show equal .patibility on all browsers and run efficiently. 3.Semantic Coding: It is believed that a semantic coded website is usually more search engine friendly because crawlers receive it in a better way. Thus, semantic codes help to generate higher website ranking. 4.Hand coded mark ups: Sometimes specialized softwares are not able to produce high quality HTML/CSS markups when .pared to hand coded markups. The automated markups are therefore given less preference in the industry. However, software generated codes do make the work easier and faster. Thus, PSD to HTML services have made an indelible mark in the industry. Market .petition has forced the webmasters to create a need for faster & easier web development process. However, it seems difficult to search for a suitable alternative in the industry which would replace PSD to HTML services. The users of these services have wel.ed them with open arms, so PSD to HTML services are here to stay, for sure. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: