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Expert recruitment: the child’s lonely character is not willing to admit what to do with the name: calf sex: male age: 14 year old symptoms: a lonely character, not to be mistaken. Mr. Zhang’s son, maverick, is reading the first two. The calf was born for a few months, and Mr. Zhang and his wife went out to work, and grandparents took care of the calf. Although the time to get along with his son is not much, but Mr. Zhang is pleased that the Mavericks are good at reading and don’t worry about their parents. However, his son was out of the way and did not like to speak. What annoyed Mr. Zhang was that the calf would not admit it when he did the wrong thing. The most impressive impression of Mr. Zhang is that when he was in grade two, the calf didn’t greet the parents after dinner, and he went to play at home. He didn’t go home after dark. He looked everywhere. He did not think he was wrong with his classmates. Diagnosis: lack of communication and lack of confidence. This kind of child is stubborn. The prosecutor suggested: first, let the children play with their peers. In playing with other children, feel the strengths of other children and learn to praise others. Two, increase the children’s frustration ability. For children who do not admit the wrong thing to do wrong, we should educate him: there is no relationship between making mistakes, making bold recognition and correcting it is a good child. Do not let them have psychological burden, do not let children have this mentality: think a person can not make mistakes, if a mistake is made, no one around me likes me. Help the child to set up a correct view of frustration. Three, encourage children to express their emotions. People are all happy and sad, but many people may not know how to express their emotions. Parents should learn to pay attention to the emotional changes of their children and encourage their children to express their emotions. The neglect of emotional expression causes children to suppress their emotions, and they feel that their parents do not understand themselves and choose to escape. Name: Little Sex: women age: 13 years old: seldom talk with their parents. Do not read the first two, Xiao Mo’s parents are now working in Guizhou. Xiao Mo’s parents call Xiao Mo every week. Xiao Mo’s parents often remind their children not to do what they do on the phone and what they should do. Never refute, listen quietly. When mom calls little mod, mom usually says much, and she says little. The more the phone calls, the less mom knows about the world. Summer vacation, Mo live with their parents, she does not love to chat with their parents, but love to sit in the back room to play mobile phone. Diagnosis: lack of security. Such children are prone to love early or leave home. The prosecutor suggests: first, communicate with children equally. The most direct communication is speech communication. Parents should learn to communicate with their children on the basis of the children’s words, not the unilateral preaching and nagging. In addition, emotional communication is very important, a smile, a compliment, a gift is the medium of emotional communication. Two, to solve the difficulties together. In the adolescent children outlook on life, world outlook and values have not been finalized, the judgment of right and wrong ability is not enough, on the contrary, curiosity impulse is great, contact with social Xianzarenyuan tend to put the children astray. Parents should observe and observe through school teachers and students, and know the people who are in contact with their children. Three, avoid excessive clashes with children. Children in puberty have a strong rebellious mind. Parents do not want to force their children to obey themselves by force or force, and they tend to be counterproductive. Even if they give in to their parents orally or on the surface, they have a strong resentment. When there is no place to release, some children may choose to leave home. Want to know the latest information on education, ask for educational confusion, share educational experience and experience? Pay attention to Sina micro-blog @ Sina education in Zhejiang, reflect your demands and discoveries, or pay attention to the public number: education information zj_edu, or join the Sina Zhejiang parents’ Association, official interaction QQ group: 62210056. For more information on overseas students, please join the group QQ group QQ in Zhejiang: 280980058. More information, please sweep the two-dimensional code of Zhejiang education information 专家支招:孩子性格孤僻不肯认错怎么办   姓名:小牛 性别:男 年龄:14岁   症状:性格孤僻,不肯认错。   张先生的儿子小牛在读初二。小牛生下来没几个月,张先生和妻子就外出打工,爷爷奶奶照顾小牛。虽然和儿子相处的时间不多,但让张先生欣慰的是小牛读书成绩不错,不用父母担心。不过,儿子性格孤僻,不怎么喜欢说话。   让张先生烦恼的是,小牛做错事不会承认。让张先生印象最深的一次是,小学二年级时,小牛吃过晚饭后,没跟家长打招呼,自己到同学家去玩,天黑了还没回家,大人到处找。他却认为自己找同学玩没有错。   诊断:交际不足,缺自信。这种孩子为人固执。   检察官建议:   一、让孩子多跟同龄人玩。在与其他小朋友的玩耍中,感受其他小朋友的长处,并学会赞美别人。   二、增加孩子的受挫能力。对于做错事不承认的小孩,要教育他:犯了错没有关系,大胆承认然后改正就是好孩子。不要让他们心理上有负担,不要让孩子有这种心理:认为一个人不能犯错误,如果犯了错,身边的人就没有人喜欢我了。要帮助孩子树立正确的挫折观。   三、鼓励孩子表达情绪。人都有喜怒哀乐,但是很多人可能并不知道如何表达自己的情绪。家长要学会留意孩子的情绪变化,鼓励孩子将情绪表达出来。忽视情绪表达容易导致孩子压抑自己的情绪,觉得父母不理解自己而选择逃避。   姓名:小莫 性别:女 年龄:13岁   症状:很少跟父母谈心。   小莫读初二,小莫的父母现在贵州打工。小莫的父母每个星期都会给小莫打电话。小莫的父母在电话里面经常提醒孩子不要做什么,应该怎么样。小莫从不反驳,静静地听着。妈妈跟小莫打电话时,通常妈妈说得多,小莫说得少。电话打得越多,妈妈越不了解小莫的世界。   寒暑假,小莫跟父母住在一起,她不喜欢跟父母聊天,却喜欢坐在里屋玩手机。   诊断:缺乏安全感。这样的孩子容易早恋或离家出走。   检察官建议:   一、与孩子平等沟通。最直接的沟通就是言语沟通,家长要学着用孩子懂的话与孩子平等交流,而不是单方面的说教、唠叨。另外,情感上的沟通非常重要,一个微笑、一句赞美、一份礼物都是情感沟通的媒介。   二、一起解决困难。处在青春期的孩子人生观、世界观、价值观都还没有定型,判断是非对错的能力还不够,相反好奇心、冲动性却很大,与社会闲杂人员接触往往会把孩子引上歧途。家长要通过学校老师、同学留意观察,知道孩子接触的人员。   三、避免与孩子发生过激冲突。处在青春期的孩子,内心有强烈的逆反心理。家长切勿想通过命令甚至武力强迫孩子遵从自己,往往会适得其反。他们即使口头或表面向父母屈服,其实心里有很强烈的怨气。当无处释放时,有些孩子可能会选择离家出走。   想要了解最新教育资讯,请教教育困惑、分享教育经验与心得吗?那就关注新浪微博@新浪浙江教育,反映你的诉求和发现;或关注公众号:教育资讯一点通(zj_edu);或加入新浪浙江家长会,官方互动QQ群:62210056。了解更多留学资讯,请加入新浪浙江留学帮帮团qq群:280980058。 更多资讯请扫二维码 浙江教育资讯一点通相关的主题文章: