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Finance The financial services field has traditionally been a fractured industry where individuals would have one firm handle their investments, someone else sell the insurance, someone else talk to theme about their retirement planning, and yet someone else help them plan for death. How can you possibly have a cohesive plan when the people you trust to plan your financial future all work independently of one another? How can your goals for the future possibly be met when they all rely on each other, and yet have been planned out separately? The answer is that you cant have a cohesive plan, and your goals are likely to not be met. That is why the recent move has been towards one-stop shopping combining all of these previously independent areas of planning into one field comprehensive financial planning. Therefore, a personal financial planner has become the required standard of care for individuals looking to plan for their financial future. No longer do people want to go to 4 or 5 places to discuss the various components of their financial future they want to be able to speak with one person who is competent and effective across all aspects of financial planning, and can meet all their needs. To receive this level of service, its imperative that individuals look for a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM. The intensive training required to become a CFP Certificant assures the public that they are speaking with someone who can competently engage them regarding all of their financial needs. To become a CFP Certificant, one must complete various rigorous requirements that include completion of the educational program requirement, passing the CFP Board Exam, a rigorous background check called the CFP Boards Candidate Fitness Standards, and satisfying the experience requirement. On top of that, Certificants must complete continuing education hours to keep their status. The longest and arguably most difficult part of those requirements is the educational program. This arduous component can take up to 18 months or more. With over 89 topics that must be covered, it is no easy task. So finding the right educational provider is essential. While there are many educational providers out there, the most effective and efficient means available is online. But not every online program is the same. Listed below are some key things youll want to look for: 24 hour access so that you can access the material at times most convenient to you Self-paced progress that allows you to complete lessons and exams when you are ready Excellent delivery of the required topics as well as how those topics will apply to real world situations One-on-one access to an advisor who will give you the level of attention you deserve and need Up-to-date study material prepared by experts in the field Board released questions that show how the material is applied on the CFP Board exam A risk-free trial period Finding all of these characteristics in one program will ensure you are combining the best academics with the excellent practical applications needed for future success. Starting work now towards CFP Certification puts you on a track to be able to provide the excellent level of service your clients demand and deserve, and will give you the confidence and competency needed to grow your business. For more info visit About the Author: 相关的主题文章: