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Customer Service When NJ building owners hire .mercial cleaners to maintain their buildings, they expect everything to be done perfectly. That is why Giuseppe Grammatico, the president of Heits Building Services- Central and Northern N.J., sets his standards so high, and keeps the floors, walls, and other parts of every building his .pany cleans in tip-top shape. In my experience, caring for flooring in a .mercial office building is the same no matter what specific type of stone material your floor is made out of. For the owners of both .mercial and residential buildings, my best tip for keeping stone floors clean is to invest in quality matting. Place Proper Mats Stone flooring is an excellent option in .mercial settings because stone is less likely to stain than carpet. In addition, aside from mopping and vacuuming, there is very little work that .mercial cleaners have to do in order to keep it looking clean. If you are the owner of a building, proper matting is really the best thing you can do. Thick rubber mats should be placed both inside and outside of the building so that the sand and debris from peoples shoes will not get dragged onto the stones as they are traipsing in and out. More than just being a pain to clean, the sand and other gritty material from peoples shoes can actually damage many types of stone flooring as well. When the grit .es off, it can get rubbed onto the stone in a manner that actually scratches the material. It is very abrasive, so you dont want to have anyone walk on that sand and grit and harm the stone. Although this can happen with any type of stone floor, .mercial or not, it is more .monly an issue in .mercial settings where lots of people are .ing in and out of the building all day. If the matting has been put in place, then the job much easier for .mercial cleaners to handle. When the cleaning .pany employees report to the job site at night, all they need to do is to vacuum the mats and get rid of any debris that is left over on top. Ideally, these mats should be vacuumed on a daily basis, although that would obviously depend on how frequently the .mercial cleaners are scheduled to clean the office building. Dust Mop the Floor Regularly In order to properly maintain a stone floor, it is also important to dust mop it regularly. At Heits Building Services- Central and Northern N.J., we are trained to dust mop all stone floors in the buildings we work on each night before we do anything else. Dust mopping is basically like sweeping, but we use a microfiber system that picks up any type of debris or grit that ended up on the stone. By dust mopping the floor, we can get rid of any excess debris and vacuuming the mats thoroughly. Then, we will mop the stone floor with a neutral cleaner that is not acidic in any way. By using a cleaning solution that is not acidic, we can ensure that the finish on the floorwhatever it may bewont be.e degraded in any way. Spray the Wax Mixture As an additional measure on some stone floors, I also re.mend to a .mercial building owner that the floor be sprayed with a mixture of wax and other .pounds on a monthly or quarterly basis. Doing that will help improve the overall finish of the stone floor and prevent it from cracking or etching due to overuse. So we will spray the wax mixture on the ground and buff that into the finish of the stone. In a way, we are burning the finish into the stone to give it an extra shine and revive the stone a little bit. Despite the extra cost, the process our .pany offers is worth it, just as long as it helps the floor look better and last longerwhich it does. If you need a .mercial cleaner in NJ to maintain terrazzo tile or nearly any other type of stone flooring material, Heits Building Services – Central and Northern NJ is the smart choice. Call us today for more information. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: